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The many faces of the forgetful humanity

Stories and News No. 1025

Here it is, humanity.
Here is one of its faces, that is masks.
Here are all of them, spread a lot on as many faces of schizophrenic souls, changing with illogical cynicism from one extreme to the other of a slippery morality.
Look and see.
Look at The Lady.
The Nobel Peace Prize, the Human Rights and Nonviolence’s paladin, the woman who fought the worst offenders, the legalized ones.

Look at Aung San Suu Kyi, and see how she contradicts herself and every principle that has made her a symbol of the whole world, showing an insensitivity worthy of the worst politician before the sufferings of the Rohingya, an unlucky minority imprisoned inside a brutal majority.
Do you think it's all accidental?
Do you think it's just an amazing paradox?
It would be nice, always paradoxically, obviously, because that’s a well-reputed and repetitive plot in the script of the so-called upper species.
Look, in fact, and see.
Look at the millions of deceased and exiles, destroyed families and wounded bodies, affections robbed of landmarks and dear objects, lives discriminated by madness disguised as hate, innocents labeled forever.
Look at them, and now see what is happening right now between the Israeli government and the Gaza Strip, see how today's Jews are dealing with Palestinian reasons for a tomorrow that is everyday more at risk.
See how easy it is to forget so much in such a short time.
Look at the foreigners and migrants who have never found a real home, if not in a flag made of pride and opportunities for everybody, citizens refused by their own blood and survived traveling to the unknown, which is just another name that in the past we gave the new.
Look at those who have found America and now are holding it tight.
Look now, and see them raising their stars and stripes on windless days, believing their idiocy could build a wall against those who have already passed.
Who are already part of you.
Look at the old ones in the world.
Look at the fathers and mothers of all the thieves in history, who built boundaries and accumulated riches by raiding the unsuspecting creatures of the global story that would have devoured them, ragging geography and fooling literature, in spite of their own religions and laws.
Look at it, the united Europe.
Look at it, and see those same robbers of the future, as they have now jumped over the present of their favorite victims, while focusing on every effort and policy to defend the Mediterranean from whom to come and ask for the bandits.
Let's carefully look at it, our humanity, let's take the best time to observe it, and, although it’s inherent in our very nature, let’s try not to do the same mistakes of our past headsmen.

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