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Trump UN speech in front of the mirror

Stories and News No. 1023

A large part of the first speech given by the US President to the United Nations is everywhere on the news.
Nevertheless, we are all human.
The debut before the UN audience, heavily crowded for the occasion, would shake their legs to anyone, even if skilled in hiding the thrill.
To prove that, here is a “faithful” storytelling of what happened in the presidential actor's room, in front of the oldest friend, maybe the only one for whom is perpetually forced to conceal himself behind a mask.
The inseparable, silent and revealing mirror...

Here we are.
Let’s do it, Donny, it's your turn.
Enjoy it, enjoy every second of it.
Who would have ever said that, uh?
I still cannot believe it.
If they told me that ten years ago, I would have called them crazy.

That's right, it's a mad thing and it's all mine.
It's the world to be out of control and I take advantage of it.
Calm down, Don, stay calm.
Don’t laugh, I recommend it.
Smile, but how you used to do it.
Let me see... now, come on... more, give me more... ah!
Here it is, your proverbial grin.
Do it, but do not abuse it.
If they knew...
If they only knew, but they are too snooty in their contemptuous looks, politicians without temperament.
Then, let's review the usual story.
You don’t have to say much, just repeat the usual stuff, okay?
They already know what you are saying, anyway.
That’s not to the present public, that you are going to speak, but those out there, those I owe everything I have now.
They don’t want any surprises.
The simple stuff is one that sells better, the old ones used to say.
Well, if it’s also silly, the product is a sure best seller: first us, then the others.
How easy it is to say: we, the others.
And among the others, them.
It has always been easy and simple.
Relax, Donald, stay calm.
You're going on stage in a minute.
You're alone.
You've always been alone.
If only they knew, if only they could see you now.
Remember: don’t talk about the wall, today, it's not the right time, you know what happened, okay? And you also know how it ends, they mock what you said, and then you have to lay off someone randomly.
Here we, my moment is coming.
Everything will be accomplished once again.
Because it’s not the first and it will certainly not be the last time some like me on the best scene.
I knew it perfectly, so I won.
Because I trusted me nightmares more than my opponents did with their dreams.
However, once out of here, under lights and flashes, the show must go on.
Let nightmare looks like a dream.
And vice versa...

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