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A shocking discovery

Stories and News No. 1034

In Uppsala, the oldest Swedish university has identified Arabic characters which apparently represent the words "Allah" and "Ali" woven in Viking burial robes.
The researchers defined the discovery of such engravings, silver on silk fabrics, as 'staggering'.
Well, that’s nothing, dear friends from Uppsala.
Just follow the story...

Listen, listen.
On the other side of the world, and especially of the reassuring logic, there is another university.
I cannot tell you the name and not even the town, otherwise they’ll be at risk.
You know, their discovery doesn’t only exceed the Swedish one, but could also cause the researchers lots of serious difficulties, as attacks, self-attacks, boycotts under form of attacks, Mexican butchers in the form of authorized clearance, preventive, pacific and defensive wars, cuts of funds, just cuts, other attacks, but only for mental insanity, hacker intrusions, and also rats ones, which will not affect the elections but are not good at all, right?
Are you sitting?
Great, because here the stuff is terrific.
In fact, it seems that in this important institution, the oldest in the nation (also because the only one, but they boast themselves anyway), have built a time machine.
“No way,” somebody might exclaim.
“It’s a lie!” Someone else could scream.
“Really?” Another one might say.
Well, I take the opportunity to heartily thank the latter and all his peers.
Otherwise, how would the storytellers of this world survive without them?
On the other hand, I don’t want to question the veracity of this story, at least not in the middle of the live show, right?
Besides, the plot is still in the appetizer zone, as the time machine has been assembled by the researchers decades ago, but obviously they have not mentioned so far for the reasons mentioned above, I cite only the rats, you know what I mean.
"Let's try it first, dear colleagues," suggested the head of the team, the favorite Chancellor’s son, but mother’s orphan, so tolerated. "May the sky, and above all my father, protect us from what might go out."
So they did, our heroic time explorers.
They've found a lot of magnificence, you know?
So, as soon as they read the announcement by their Nordic rivals, they thought: "We cannot stand still with the pens in our hands."
This is what it is, the impious heirs of Aitch-Gee - as they simply use to call Herbert George Wells, inevitably their favorite author, they have invented the extraordinary seconds-burning machine, but still prefer handwriting instead of PC keyboards.
You know these geniuses how they work…
So, they chose the right discovery among the many.
Humans on the horizon.
This is the title of the report.
Subheading: when they love each other.
In the body of the work the unnamed researchers have revealed some little-tricky engravings on the clothes of a marriage.
Nevertheless, I am not referring to a particular union, exceptional in its eccentricity, but the festive clothes of an incredibly common moment, proving that today's extraordinary is only one of the innumerable normalities of life coming to light too early.
Not just words, but entire phrases, as 'wonderfully different', 'no one is equal by fear', 'all different by nature'.
One among them, amongst others, will be the most shocking to us, not them.
'The past will never divide us... how much the future will bring us together…'

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