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The situation is desperate

Stories and News No. 1035

Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese investigative journalist committed against corruption was killed on 16 October in a car bomb attack.
In recent times she had been pessimistic about her own country, and watching her premature end, her enemies had good reasons to fear her work.
In the last post on her blog, the day of her death, Daphne concluded the article with a phrase that is incredibly emblematic: There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate…

The situation is desperate.
Of course it is.
In the right time.
At the very moment when the best life explodes and what should remain intact forever breaks up.
Like the perfect memories of even more worthwhile instants to relive.

As if perfection itself was inadequate.
I write it, then.
I'm writing that the situation is desperate.
To them.
Yes, to you, wherever you’re hiding.
Now I’m looking at you.
It should not be easy at all, there, under the mask and the dress, both overflowed.
Nothing real, nothing humanly right.
I write it and read it: the situation is really desperate.
Being afraid of everything.
Shadows and pointed fingers.
Looks and dreaded weapons.
Accusations and camouflaged faces.
More than anything else, words.
How do the latter must hurt, where the heart has not life anymore.
Where everything is silent.
I write it, read it and only in moments like this I fully understand it: the situation has never been desperate as now.
That is, on the day when you reach the culmination of your fright.
Panic overdose leading to the most illusory escape route that a chronic villain can conceive.
Trying to remedy your own painful existence by erasing the sun from the scene.
Hoping that the unbearable anguish will dissolve with the hated light, as well as the embarrassing evidence of your moral putrefaction.
Nevertheless, that’s a sin of supreme naivety.
How could you convince yourself that you can remove the most beloved star from the humane system, simply by deleting it from your own, tiny drawing?
It must be terribly desperate, the situation, to fall into such a blunder.
That’s why the infantile, obtuse devourer of brave hearts, overwhelmed by liveliness, has reduced the sheet to shreds.
However, as for the wonderful life that literally represents, each piece of glare is a word that sow and will sprout, sooner or later, to affirm once again, with noble and admirable strength: the situation is desperate, to you, thinking you might kill the truth with a bomb…

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