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Right to Dream Citizenship

Stories and News No. 1030

Because Citizenship, before being a Right, has been and still is a Dream for many...

I’m talking to you.
Yes, you, who’s saying no to Citizenship.
“It’s not a priority,” you explain.
Or, maybe, you’d never want to see that time, what you really think.
You used to say that what was born here is not necessarily from here.
That’s not enough to belong to this land.
Maybe you're right, you know?
Look at freedom.
It was born with you.

It's from this world, but that’s not what we've built.
Prisons and bars, boundaries and walls, those are our actual flesh, what our nightmares are made of.
But freedom… you have to choose it, because you are struggling for it, you commit yourself at any costs, even to never touch it.
And what about justice?
It’s rooted in the same place where you came to light.
However, it would have been great, if it were engraved next to our name, at the very first registry.
Perhaps we would not need so many words to change.
Imaginably, these ones wouldn’t be here, now.
What is right is just like a word that has passed away, that hardly and with sacrifice, tenacity and courage, you have to enter again between lies and deceit, abuse and selfishness, claiming the space trapped by traitors arguments, inevitably finding enemies among the manipulators of stories.
And what can you tell me of humanity?
I suppose you see the most admirable of paradoxes.
This is our species, this is the category, the specification, and the dangling common to billions of creatures over the time that universe has given us so far.
The human being, acting as such, interacting with each other in the familiar way, how every other living community we share the horizon does, living in the present with the sacred priority of preserving us, never just you.
Can you really argue that such perfection of nature, which undoubtedly was born with us, survives during the infancy?
We were born human, of course.
But do we remain so?
Never enough, as history teaches us.
Well, if all this was not enough, dream.
Or think about what you dream, which is the same.
Visualize with me any unlikely chance of our imagination.
Among what might be tangible monsters and, inside the same extent, miracles of blood and emotions.
Remember every escape from the horrors of an unwanted life.
All the poetic brackets in the middle of the usual war.
The personal paradise, drawn with hopeful hand in seemingly endless nights.
The truth is that all the dreams of the world are born here.
Born in the most fragile of our path.
But how much would you like them to have a citizenship right in your life?
What would you give in exchange for, having them right now in your current existence even a few minutes?
Take your time and think about it.
Every wonder that has in the past become common memory and has made us proud, every extraordinary thing that has improved the existence of the most, any kind of novelty that has enriched the present and above all the future of a generation, are from here, the world.
They were born on this earth and this was always their only starting point.
However, despite everything, they still are here for one reason.
Because someone has decided to fight for them, embracing them tightly.
By avoiding that, just like most of our most beloved dreams, they would fly away…

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