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The best of us

Stories and News No. 1032

On October 15, elections will take place in Austria and the country seems to be heading to the Right, with the political agenda focused mainly on immigration and Islam, because of the persuasion’s pressing, monotonous and surgical action by xenophobic coalitions.
Nothing new, of course, since for decades this is the common narrative of electoral campaigns almost all over the world

Once upon a time there was a table.
A table nowadays
entirely covered by disconnected from reality sentences and delusional, semantic eyesores, allegedly proved by the abused popular opinion.
Lots of invented and manipulated tales treated like real news, fused with astute ignorance in a confused, imaginary wall, where everyone can write everything, provided you might scream it.
Now, give me a favor, do it for me.
Get up from your chair, find an excuse for your jailer, the little, big brother who knows how to falsify his height.
Use any pretense to anything, pretend a disease, a persistent, human need.
I think something human will be perfect.
Back up and looks at what's happening on the board of this despicable game of life and words.
Where the lives of others count as words and the latter that concern life even less.
In order to concentrate, if you prefer, keep the headphones as well.
Just music, instrumental, no voices, that chords have never killed anyone.
Sometimes, even saved.
Here it is.
Do you see it now?
Can you see what the enemy inside us is doing?
Do you recognize his trick, now?
It's always the same, right?
Everywhere and always it never changed.
The dull, unscrupulous, as scrupulous as arid shell looks inside and seeks.
Easily, in the emptiness of a just formally alive shape, he looks and finds.
The cursed card, the most arduous reasons, the degenerate and degenerating cause, the stress-free way to give priority to himself, the less complicated slogan to pronounce among those to be ashamed of.
So, that's right.
He tries to whisper it, in the silence of his ready to be dismantled consciousness.
What happens?
No protest.
No reaction, solid and decisive, to intimidate as much as the voice, even before the hatred he will bring.
Then, the loudness will rise again and again, as long as it will be a deafening and mortifying chorus.
Dedicated to those who obviously didn’t show before, and now, more than ever now, they should come back to light.
Because that's how it works, the worst of us.
It will do everything to destroy us.
As long as we’ll going out, strongly.
With the very best of us.

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