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The Guns Doggerel Story

Stories and News No. 1029

Following the tragic events in Las Vegas, when the United States comes back to discuss the right to guns, I read that also in Italy fatal dead from accidental bullets are coming on the news.
Though with a lot of difficulty, I try to put myself in the footsteps of such insane principle’s supporters.
Obviously, with a story, playing with words, which could sometimes hurt, but rarely kill…

Let's imagine I had a gun and I thought it was a sacrosanct right to have it.
So I’d have it.
However, I'd not be going to have it just for that, huh?
It’s rhetorical.
I’d have a gun because I’d love to have it.
I'd love to have it because I’d know.

I’d known that if I wanted, wherever I could, I would use it.
Accordingly, just for this page, I have a gun, and I know it can hurt.
I can hurt even without it, if you know what I mean.
And it could without me.
How can we treat that?
What should we do in case he had a gun and I didn’t?
Therefore, I have a gun and I have the right to defend myself.
From him.
He might hate me, he could rob me, he could kill me, he might try to take my place.
Because he might be my enemy.
As a result, revolving stories and subjects…
He has got a gun.
He has a gun and he considers it an indispensable right.
So he does.
But that's not the main reason, you know?
That’s just formal.
Because people like him, they might have it anyway.
People like him have got a gun because they like it, as me, but they love much more to use it, whenever they want, as long as it was against me.
Especially if they knew I didn’t have a gun.
How do we treat that?
What should we do if I didn’t have a gun and he knew?
How could I defend myself from those like him?
Consequently, mixing delusional reasonings and reasonable delusions…
He and I have a gun.
Because we both defend it as an inalienable advantage.
As a result we have got it.
But don’t think that's the principal cause.
Take the word for granted.
He and I have a gun because we like to have it.
We like it because we know that each of us has it, and everyone of us could use it.
At any moment, anywhere, for all imaginable – or not, reasons.
He and I have a gun, and how much it could hurt is what we know best.
But how do we deal with that?
What should we do if he and I didn’t have a gun, and you knew it?
If you had a gun, how could we defend ourselves from you?
To be continued, as they say, until death comes…

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