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The Rule of 46

Stories and News No. 1033

Ahmed Timol, an anti-apartheid activist, was arrested in Johannesburg in October 1971. After five days of detention, his death was officially decreed for suicide because of a fall from the police headquarters building.
The Court of Pretoria now brings light on the truth.
The South African court said Timol was assassinated by police officers, in a historic ruling, welcomed by applause.
It took 46 years...

I’m talking to you, my friend, that present time's law murders with deafening ease, and modern chronicle’s silence humiliates to the most obstinate recess of your soul.
Exult, since the unjust hourglass has a heart.
A slow and awkward one, but it beats.
Incredible in its pervading obsession in moving from the most servile side of the balance, the one where unqualified it polishes the golden wheels of the triumphal chariot.
Despite that, it has a logic, from this day.
A virtuous norm, finally, to be entrusted by the simplest rationality, naturally unable to accept the worst abuses, those, even if falling from above, are well tolerated down there.
The 46’s rule, so we'll call it.
That is, Timol's theorem, but whispering his own name.
It has happened too often in the past, that the late answer could be just a blunder.
Indeed, it's anyway a sort of dream, an open-minded one.
The admirable axiom has a magical number, like any noble equation, those which the perfect figures of the firmament are based on.
Read as well as the sparkling stars still waiting to rest in peace.
Don’t tell me you ignore that, come on.
Did you really think that there was only the theory of relativity?
But that's just a way to explain them.
Looking at them requires a lot more.
The luminous dots that, after every sunset, continue to shine on the auburn blue, are not at all only echoes of a far-flung light from asters that have just disappeared.
They are questions perpetually addressed to mankind who still have the courage to lift their heads and carry them, despite the distance’s weight and size’s deception.
Forty-six, this is the numeral that will give hope and horizon to the creatures impudently crushed by the overbearing, public narration.
Delight, sacrificial victim of the hypocritical global picture.
Because at most forty-six, the iniquitous whips will be.
So the days of unlawful imprisonment, as much the silenced acts of violence.
Legal offenses and times that people will turn their eyes to the wicked wretchedness, slaps and spits, recoverable and indelible wounds, memories and nightmares, sleepless nights and erased days, lost feelings, and all missing occasions, days, months, years, they will all have a limit, the maximum of the free penalty, the worst you could expect from the most inhumane beings.
Forty-six, the rule, its number.
Meanwhile, as the unacceptable suffering it contains, once written and pronounced loud, we’ll strive to make the formula perfect, reducing the figure to zero...

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