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I'm lost

Stories and News No. 1039

A mysterious skull dating back to 6,000 years ago, found in Papua New Guinea in 1929, was thought to belong to an extinct human species.
Thanks to the latest research, scientists believe that it’s property of the oldest victim of a Tsunami, at least whose remains have been found so far.

I'm lost.
That's what I remember.
This is the only thing I know.
For sure.
I don’t recall why I was there, the moment the sea kidnapped me.
What contradictory and paradoxical use of the words we do, then, as today.

We live and ruin, with more or less impunity, a planet that is mostly covered with water. Well, we not only used to call it earth, but where the oceans properly reach our borders to demand what is right to them, and to get back the world which we first robbed them of, we consider them invaders of our peace.
Disturbers of a quiet existence.
Enemies of human civilization.
Yet, we should have waited for, since the ceaseless dance of the waves obeys the indispensable rule for every element that consciously, or not, it’s part of nature.
Whatever it’s moving away from you, or that you first reject, despite being life itself to reclaim that union, sooner or later will come back and will want everything.
The moment you fully understand it’s too late.
For me it was the embrace of shapes and colours, waves and lots of blue, as if the sky itself had swallowed me, to make me star among the stars, shining until the eye that usually discover them still wants to admire.
Six thousand years ago it took to name the unexpected guest in the global story.
Nevertheless, nothing seems you have added to the apparently minor tale, except for the reasons for the death.
The end, just the end of the journey, seems to affect my great-grandsons.
The moment that follows the last breath looks like a design from such simple contours to be depicted, and maybe you’re right.
What I don’t understand, however, it’s the utter lack of curiosity for the rest.
I’m referring to the real mystery, the one typically overlooked by too large eyes and too small and hasty watch hands.
Why was I there, that day?
Was there anyone who never stopped looking for me?
Is there anybody I can never find again?
And, above all, was I really alone, in the last instant I had?
How much time has passed since then.
How much time has been wasted and how much we are still throwing up with worthless questions, unless we all get, one way or the other, at the same conclusion: we know nothing or little about us and others.
Yet, every day, we cover each other with vain talk, except, of course, whispering the essentials.
I'm lost.
And now, thank you for listening to me, we both found ourselves...

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