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Exercises in Style Fake News on Nativity

Stories and News No. 1052 Christmas is coming. No, that's not true, there’s still time. Well, it doesn’t seem so, if you look shops and roads beautifully decorated for the greedy occasion. Because let's face it, be brave. Let true meanings, good intentions, sweet letters, and holy processions be blessed, but the usual festivity that prefaces to the conclusive fires of the thirty-one is above all that, here. A big binge of food and gifts, wrapped in sparkling packaging, which often dazzle much more than the contents. So, at the end of the fair - or the party, here we are back on the collective blunder that distracts and fools. I’m talking about our daily dose of lies. Well-made type, huh? At this point two things must be put forward. Fake news existed long before we started calling it so, and one of the reasons since this site was born nearly ten years ago was just to put them down, using the only weapon available to the undersigned, that is, storytelling . The

Mother and son in the house where future is written

Stories and News No. 1051 Japanese politicians forced their colleague, Yuka Ogata , to leave Chamber as she sat with her seven-month-old son in order to highlight the difficulties encountered by parents in cases of serious shortage of facilities for infancy. So, here’s the story…   Mother and son. Let them share dreams and hopes. In the house where the present grows. Only men. Lonely men. Important men. Imported men. Deputies. Disputed. Supported without personality. Supported personalities. Supported leaders makers. Supported leaders. Fake leaders. Bosses with too many bosses. Popular bosses. Bosses without people. People without a seat. Submitted and ruffians. Honorably disapproved. Disgusted with honor. Dead senators. Senators forever. Counselors badly advised. Sellers of advisers. Advices buyers. Undersecretaries. Subdued friends. Under everyone, but well paid. Provident presidents. Vicious vice presidents. Shadow ministers. Shadowed ministe

What's wrong with us?

Stories and News No. 1050 A group of activists made a replica of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, and then they secretly placed it on Björn Höcke's home, far-right AfD’s politician who says Germans should stop atoning for Nazi guilt … Dear victims , Of yesterday, tomorrow, more than ever today. I’m writing to you, who bear on your own skin the signs of the legalized infamy and shared on time as “the voice of the people”, then sold as “understandable anger”, and from the same, privileged position manipulated and synthesized, to be sold back to the same deceitful screamers, in the form of slogans and delusional government programs . You've got the answer, since you have paid the price of such inhumanity with your life. You know it, because you’ve been paying the bribe right now, at this precise moment, while those words are flowing on the page and maybe some eyes are reading. Tell us, please. What is wrong with us? How do we are so terribly obtuse to repeat fo

When heroes need us

Stories and News No. 1049 The announcement that the Trump Administration is considering to revoke the US ban on imports of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe directly threatens the lives of African parks ranger, who are committed to protect animals and their ecosystems. I have a Mom. And I have a Dad too. That would be so much. Almost everything. I have a Mom, a Dad, and if everything goes in the right direction, one day I will also have my powers . No… what mutant? I'm always myself from day to night and that's fine. To fly? Maybe… Maybe I could be like those cartons creatures, but here, in the real world, the weight is everything, without jokes. You could design your ears as you wish and manipulate everything with those fraudsters machines you call computers, but at the end of the day, a jump is the maximum and I don’t complain. Because I know that soon or later I’ll come back down, to them. Nevertheless, I was talking about my fangs , what else? I

Early departures

Stories and News No. 1048 I read that a Japanese rail company apologized to the passengers because their train started 20 seconds early. The Operator was "deeply" sorry for the incident after the 9.44 and 40 seconds Tsukuba Express left the station at 9.44 and 20... Well, we 're like that train. We left too early. In spite of the lies that are accurately fitted with crafty craftsmanship, the difference is that we have no company behind us, and not even an expert press office offering in our behalf public apologies with commendable solemnity. So, we do take the opportunity, though visionary, to ask for it. Forgive us, then. Forgive us if we have given up the urge to cross waves and walls to earn a fragment of possible horizon. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled. We immediately realized that we found the wrong century. Maybe planet too. For sure, humanity. But we’re not alone, here, on this page. The number is powerful and the room necessarily vast. Among us

Australia voted yes to marriage

Stories and News No. 1047 Listen, write it down, and listen again: Australia will legalize marriages . Incredible, right? What a day, guys. This is terrific. Something to remember, of course, but to mention, too. In the evening convulsed between sterile arguments and silly chats shared around, among trivial thoughts and fear . More than ever the latter, even if disguised from everything else. You might ask: how did they live before? Well, the question is reasonable, I’m aware of that. You know? They did wrong, that’s the only answer. For extended, they missed something extraordinary, unique, spectacular. In short, normal . Come on, let's say it together, indeed, let’s scream without any hesitation. It’s simple common sense, letting people to get married. How could you think of further insisting on the opposite way? Two creatures meet, both touching each other with glances and thoughts for an indefinite time, attraction starts demanding attention, as much the impell

My name is Troll

Stories and News No. 1046 I read that Researchers from Edinburgh University have identified 419 accounts among the 2,752 ones recently suspended by Twitter in the United States that, on behalf of the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA), operated to influence British politics. One of them aimed at provoking anti-Islamic sentiments in the hours after the Westminster Bridge terror attack in March, publishing among others a photo depicting a Muslim woman walking beside the victims, ignoring them with obvious indifference. This image was then shared on many English newspapers, including Mail Online and Sun, as well as thousands social networks pages and lots of international websites ever looking for such pseudo scoop. Now it emerges that the aforementioned picture was false , having been remodeled through a digital manipulation software... My name is Troll . By name and fact. This is my job, this is the mission, this is the profit. That's what you bought. I'm here fo

What are we afraid of?

Stories and News No. 1045 I see. I see that the British edition of Grazia magazine has the opportunity to publish on the cover a close-up of the beautiful Mexican award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o . I also see that the editors feel the need to retouch the photo, according to the required or self-imposed fees, as always it depends on the personal degree of imprisonment. At the same time, I see the brave actress openly rebelling against the wrongful manipulation, revealing it as yet another sling at the service of the Eurocentric popular picture. I see more, soon after, by widening the look and the usual, disorganized imagination, which I will never fail to apologize of. I see a room. A room protected by aggressive guards and armed with threatening weapons. In the middle, an old man. A very aged one, with tired eyes, but still fixed on his own hand, that is, the claw clutching the consumed pencil which he passes with hellish repetition always on and on the same stret

We are angry

Stories and News No. 1044 We are angry , that’s what we scream until voice and heart will burn. You have to listen, you have to watch us, otherwise, we don’t exist. We’re angry with you , that’s what we cry with the neck veins ready to explode. Angry with them . With everybody . We are angry with you because you brought migrants to us. With their dreams. With their aspirations. With their unbearable hope for the future. In short, we are angry, because you brought life next to us. We are angry . Because, if that's not enough, you dare to approach with your microphones, your cameras, your questions, your dreams, your aspirations, expecting to get answers. Anger . That's the reason. This is the product, bought and resold, chewed and vomited. That's what we are. This is the role that someone has chosen for us. No matter who , no matter how . What we have donated is enough to get the worst off. We’re angry , yes, that's what the hidden prompter murm


Stories and News No. 1043 Twenty-six . Yeah, weird, but that's my name. A number. Exactly, we are numbers . Hurriedly written and thought, distractedly drawn, blindly invoked and sold, as well as consciously forgotten. As if, with due care, from the previous to the next, the popular, international heartbeat makes a perpetual leap. An interruption of clock. The perfect alibi to move on and talk about something else, that’s unjust amounts and undue subtractions, remaining on the subject. Indeed, on the task of human lives math. So, in these days, it happens that twenty-six young Nigerian girls were found dead on a migrant ship in the Mediterranean Sea, and yet guilty inside the common sense. Their is a minor death, after a superfluous existence for the still earth's inhabitants almost as much as their heart. Twenty-six is mine and their name. As many people killed in the massacre of the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, which was once again squeake

Ktunaxa vs British Columbia: The Grizzly Bear Revenge

Stories and News No. 1042 The highest court in Canada gave favorable opinion to the developers of a ski resort on the land considered sacred by the indigenous Ktunaxa community in British Columbia. The project meets the Ktunaxa’s strenuous resistance because since hundreds of generations they believe the area called by Qat'muk as the place where the Grizzly Bear Spirit lives . Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and don’t even dare think you never heard of it. It's an old story. Look. Look at what happened to those wretched people who risked to erect their lives on an indigenous cemetery. All right, they were just movies. At best, novels, in small, short tales. But isn’t that how you remember us? Isn’t this what you will remember forever? Screaming and hating the candid invader, looking for scalps and new, easy enemies. So, despite we might cover the so-called brave pioneer’s lies with layers of conquered truths with blood and tenacity, the damage has now been don

The girl who wanted to fly

Stories and News No. 1041 It turns out that in Geneva, Switzerland, a seven-year-old girl child runs away from her parents, then she goes undisturbed through airport security checks and boards on a flight without a ticket or passport. Airport officials are still trying to figure out how it could happen. The girl who wanted to fly , period. This is the title of the inspector's report to reveal the mystery. How could have been possible? I’m talking about today, with all the aggravations of the case, which is not casual at all, since we are ever here to deal with it, then it means that everything will have a meaning that we must explain to our sponsors and lenders, there is the councilor and the minister who pushes on top and the one against all. Indeed, we could add the usual terror in the travelling eyes, in the hands that control and reassure, the landings, the latter more than ever. It’s like the soft-seated passengers favorite stories: they need a sweet ending, with