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Australia voted yes to marriage

Stories and News No. 1047

Listen, write it down, and listen again: Australia will legalize marriages.
Incredible, right?
What a day, guys.
This is terrific.
Something to remember, of course, but to mention, too.
In the evening convulsed between sterile arguments and silly chats shared around, among trivial thoughts and fear.
More than ever the latter, even if disguised from everything else.
You might ask: how did they live before?
Well, the question is reasonable, I’m aware of that.
You know? They did wrong, that’s the only answer.
For extended, they missed something extraordinary, unique, spectacular.
In short, normal.
Come on, let's say it together, indeed, let’s scream without any hesitation.
It’s simple common sense, letting people to get married.
How could you think of further insisting on the opposite way?
Two creatures meet, both touching each other with glances and thoughts for an indefinite time, attraction starts demanding attention, as much the impelling heart asks for not being ignored.
We cannot underestimate the most exploited among human feelings by titles and rhymes of romantic songs, as well as horoscopes and cuddly soaps.
Let’s exult and congratulate the winners for the happy finish, however late.
We look at Australia with affection, now.
They did it too.
They can finally dream and aspire to the classic ending of a double trip that becomes one on the common way.
Enough with hiding, despite being lighted by the same, ecumenical sunshine.
Enough with travels abroad looking for the literally promised land to exchange vows with all the rules.
Last but not least, enough with tender moment in portraits and video streaming, or in the cold deferred, sent to relatives and friends.
At least those who had not expressed the slightest blame.
But that could really be absurd, right?
Who could be against it?
In fact, in the banally-defined country of kangaroos, at least sixty-one percent of the respondents to the referendum sent by mail expressed their favor.
In any case, let's not lose ourselves in the mere calculations.
Joyfully join us to cheer the fateful triumph of lovers to enter the party.
Their homeland has become a fairer country.
That is an encouragement to the nations that are still settling on the minimum criteria of civilization.
All our compassion to them.
Meanwhile, we are all Australians, today.
Sincere congratulations for having legalized all marriages, period.
Do you think there is something wrong with all this story?
Think carefully.
Do you really believe there was a need to add the words gay or same-sex?

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