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Exercises in Style Fake News on Nativity

Stories and News No. 1052

Christmas is coming.
No, that's not true, there’s still time.
Well, it doesn’t seem so, if you look shops and roads beautifully decorated for the greedy occasion.
Because let's face it, be brave.
Let true meanings, good intentions, sweet letters, and holy processions be blessed, but the usual festivity that prefaces to the conclusive fires of the thirty-one is above all that, here.
A big binge of food and gifts, wrapped in sparkling packaging, which often dazzle much more than the contents.
So, at the end of the fair - or the party, here we are back on the collective blunder that distracts and fools.
I’m talking about our daily dose of lies.
Well-made type, huh?

At this point two things must be put forward.
Fake news existed long before we started calling it so, and one of the reasons since this site was born nearly ten years ago was just to put them down, using the only weapon available to the undersigned, that is, storytelling.
The second thing, since the world is a news, despite the dishonesties of
ignorance profiteer so-called leaders, the real targets of digital falsehoods are always the same.
Title of the story: Nativity.
Synopsis: On the night of December 24, the carpenter Joseph and his wife Mary, finding no better place, give birth to a child in a stable, temporarily depositing the infant in a manger.
Given that, here are Exercise in Style of manipulating and manipulated articles.
Nazi Blog: Couple have got a baby on the street since feel-good hospitals give priority to immigrants.
Newspaper of centre orientation: a persecuted Christian family escapes from home and the woman is forced to give birth in the cold.
Centre-Right Newspaper disguised as just Centre: a persecuted Christian family escapes from home and the woman is forced to give birth in the cold. Then they ask for the same-sex marriage... which is not relevant at all, but let’s continue to insist, sooner or later the fetid drop will cross the citizen’s skull and the intolerant poison will spread.
Less Centre-More Right Newspaper: Husband and wife in extreme poverty give birth to their first son in a stable sharing space with animals to meet the environmental delusions of the rich leftist ecologists.
Right Newspaper: Woman have a baby from a migrant who forces her to give birth in the cold of a stable. He defends himself by accusing the holy spirit… then are we the liars?
Far-right Newspaper: An illegal family eludes the Herod Decree for a healthy check of clandestine children and give birth to another guy who’ll do nothing to integrate with our nation. We bet at least thirty pence that he will do miracles, at cost of his life, to change our civilization…
Facebook page owned by a shit-spreading website, part of a patriotic misinformation network, officially managed by a deceased old woman since thirteen years in favor of the unemployed grandson who now lives in France, but he gets the profits and her retirement pension: Traffic of minors in the stab. A very poor family give birth to a baby in a cold stable, and as soon as the news spreads through a sneaky bedbug disguised as an innocuous comet star, not just one, but three Islamic merchants come to buy the child with gold, incense and myrrh. Fortunately for our compatriots, two heroes were patrolling around that night, jokingly called in the township as Donkey and Ox.
Well, do you want to know what is the most absurd aspect of the situation we came to?
The last delirious version of the original plot returns to the circle, on the so-called authoritative media, paid by us with the best weapon they found to bribe the masses and their mind.
The underestimated mouse clicks

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