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Ktunaxa vs British Columbia: The Grizzly Bear Revenge

Stories and News No. 1042

The highest court in Canada gave favorable opinion to the developers of a ski resort on the land considered sacred by the indigenous Ktunaxa community in British Columbia.
The project meets the Ktunaxa’s strenuous resistance because since hundreds of generations they believe the area called by Qat'muk as the place where the Grizzly Bear Spirit lives

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and don’t even dare think you never heard of it.
It's an old story.
Look at what happened to those wretched people who risked to erect their lives on an indigenous cemetery.

All right, they were just movies.
At best, novels, in small, short tales.
But isn’t that how you remember us?
Isn’t this what you will remember forever?
Screaming and hating the candid invader, looking for scalps and new, easy enemies.
So, despite we might cover the so-called brave pioneer’s lies with layers of conquered truths with blood and tenacity, the damage has now been done.
The awkward extermination filed.
Nevertheless, we are here and here we will be.
The stubborn ghosts, here is the true title, as much correct, as politically ignored.
We, and all the sisters and brothers that our mother earth put on our side, along the path of return to her, again.
However, as the alleged rightful coloring of the winning shades, you will deceive yourself to submerge axes and memory under a temporary snow cover.
Which to play with lesser stories on, crushing heroes or simple extras, of the same value, for the world below.
Because in the realm of free men, each one is subjected to the life of the other.
I will hail yourself, rejoicing before the new triumph, lifting up the usual prize.
Slipping along the stolen side of time.
Nevertheless, at the very moment of the greatest violence of public interest, the spirit will become flesh, quite clumsy, and far from being satiated.
I don’t know if you realize how high a Grizzly is and above all how much it eats every day.
It will not have pity, you should know that.
It will shake and bend as much as the forgotten genocides in the centuries past.
It will not save anything.
Then, if thought that, though colossal, the belly of a bear will also have its own limit, remember that it is a cranky spirit.
That is, stubborn and even controversial ghost, just like we do.
Well, if you have manipulated the past forever, what does it prevent us from doing the same with
the future?
Being honest, unlikely dreams made the latter for us.
Exactly like this fragile threat, which has fragile basis.
Like most of the anecdotes narrated and sold on the imaginary enemies of the new world.
Despite this, we will continue to worship our spirits.
To live and die for them.
Because they are like the air that covers the world.
The one will not see tomorrow if you stop fighting for the other.

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