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The girl who wanted to fly

Stories and News No. 1041

It turns out that in Geneva, Switzerland, a seven-year-old girl child runs away from her parents, then she goes undisturbed through airport security checks and boards on a flight without a ticket or passport.
Airport officials are still trying to figure out how it could happen.

The girl who wanted to fly, period.
This is the title of the inspector's report to reveal the mystery.
How could have been possible?
I’m talking about today, with all the aggravations of the case, which is not casual at all, since we are ever here to deal with it, then it means that everything will have a meaning that we must explain to our sponsors and lenders, there is the councilor and the minister who pushes on top and the one against all.

Indeed, we could add the usual terror in the travelling eyes, in the hands that control and reassure, the landings, the latter more than ever.
It’s like the soft-seated passengers favorite stories: they need a sweet ending, with final applause to the pilot/author.
Well, if all this wasn’t enough, this time the missing one is a little girl, your honor.
Yes, come on, let’s make a dummy and virtual process as well.
Nevertheless, aren’t we doing this every day?
Are we all here, willing or unhappy, to express easily readable judgments?
Well, if it's not your case, then follow me.
Follow her.
The girl who wanted, period.
She just wanted to understand, like all the naively, brilliant minds of this world.
Discovering the true mystery, not the surveys from above, which overwhelms everyone with dull simplicity.
That is, the adult misunderstanding that fails in memory and fantasy: everyone standing there, in a row, waiting and anxiously pushing for the place beside the glass, to finally see the whole world becoming small under our feet.
So, we dream to be star like envied stars, queen among the adorable queens, light as pure air between what is up there, even if for a fragment of time stolen to gravity.
At the same time, she doesn’t run.
She walks serenely, with natural calm, so perfect, yet not seen, despite the size being enough to fear, to nourish panic and distrust, is not that right?
A word to be screamed between an inevitable title and an image tearing eyes at the most point of the bulletin board, that’s enough for our belly to shake, or pretend it.
Because, at the end of the day, we all know that most of us attend this mad show from afar, sheltering the trusted armrests of the faithful chair.
In spite of that, we rapidly get high, as much to go down, where the obligatory thought requires.
By the way – that’s her good luck, the courageous soul by definition is free from it.
The girl, period.
Because, once she climbed aboard our illusion of metal and plastic, she comes back to her mother with a smile and a greater certainty in her heart.
I don’t need them, she thinks, I don’t need anyone.
To fly...

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