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What's wrong with us?

Stories and News No. 1050

A group of activists made a replica of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, and then they secretly placed it on Björn Höcke's home, far-right AfD’s politician who says Germans should stop atoning for Nazi guilt

Dear victims,
Of yesterday, tomorrow, more than ever today.
I’m writing to you, who bear on your own skin the signs of the legalized infamy and shared on time as “the voice of the people”, then sold as “understandable anger”, and from the same, privileged position manipulated and synthesized, to be sold back to the same deceitful screamers, in the form of slogans and delusional government programs.

You've got the answer, since you have paid the price of such inhumanity with your life.
You know it, because you’ve been paying the bribe right now, at this precise moment, while those words are flowing on the page and maybe some eyes are reading.
Tell us, please.
What is wrong with us?
How do we are so terribly obtuse to repeat forever the usual, old mistake?
Here is the most ignored original sin, the real goods of evil that dwells in us all, always ready to reach the apex of greater danger in this mad walk.
That is, the moment when we convince ourselves of being released from it, in short, honestly, from us.
Yes, I'm talking about you and me.
It’s pointless trying to turn, looking for the invisible guilty behind.
We're on the mistaken road, you don’t have to swing around.
Everyone is on the table, no one should feel better.
We didn’t read carefully the maps written with wise mind by our ancestors.
Or, we are exclusively entrusted to a digital compass made by a schizophrenic multinational and manufactured by innocent hands.
Yet passed time is nothing.
A handful of years to hold in one hand.
Only the previous page of the great book.
A century, no more than a century and everything should be clear, without the need for graduates or doctorates.
Silenced genocides and endless wars, slavery in all forms and violence on the so-called weak and diverse creatures, old and new colonialisms.
It’s all there.
Stories, an incalculable amount of horror and love, friendship and heroism tales.
It's all here again.
Like a mountain to climb otherwise, where on the top you may still find the glorious flags, the cruelest and bravest actions, the names of the accountable ones and yours.
Dear victims, we ask for help.
What are we doing wrong?
It’s paradoxical, but maybe it’s the last chance we have.
You know how the hell machine works at the exact time it operates.
Explain us how to stop it.
How to stop us.
To find the damned turn of that bloody junction, that is grotesquely leading us back…

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