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We are angry

Stories and News No. 1044

We are angry, that’s what we scream until voice and heart will burn.
You have to listen, you have to watch us, otherwise, we don’t exist.
We’re angry with you, that’s what we cry with the neck veins ready to explode.
Angry with them.
With everybody.
We are angry with you because you brought migrants to us.
With their dreams.

With their aspirations.
With their unbearable hope for the future.
In short, we are angry, because you brought life next to us.
We are angry.
Because, if that's not enough, you dare to approach with your microphones, your cameras, your questions, your dreams, your aspirations, expecting to get answers.
That's the reason.
This is the product, bought and resold, chewed and vomited.
That's what we are.
This is the role that someone has chosen for us.
No matter who, no matter how.
What we have donated is enough to get the worst off.
We’re angry, yes, that's what the hidden prompter murmurs from the rich attic.
Well, we’re not ashamed of it at all.
Because we don’t have the faintest idea where it comes from, such dull fury.
Whether it's somehow justified, or just digitally manufactured by virtual hate makers.
That’s the beauty of it.
Hit, hit hard, show blood to the public, and the latter will click and approve, enjoying with you.
This is written in the script entrusted to us, and this is the outcome of our grotesque performance.
So, the promise was kept: hate sells, period.
Do you understand why we blind sign our obvious condemnation to such an inhuman scenario?
Because our puppeteers, as far as they are smart exploiters of our manipulated fates, have kept the word.
How could you think to dissuade us, if you first don’t believe in the rainbow flag, carrying it around only the scheduled occasions?
Don’t you see that the moral question is a daily war?
Do you want to know the truth?
Certainly we are not geniuses and you mock us for that.
However, one thing we know for sure, since a long time: you are the ones who should be angry with us.
You should be overwhelmed by rage, before our iniquities.
You should be angry with yourself and your surroundings.
But, a second after, turning it into actions of identical intensity and able of such a virulent pacifism to make us trembling by fear…

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