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Mother and son in the house where future is written

Stories and News No. 1051

Japanese politicians forced their colleague, Yuka Ogata, to leave Chamber as she sat with her seven-month-old son in order to highlight the difficulties encountered by parents in cases of serious shortage of facilities for infancy.
So, here’s the story…

Mother and son.
Let them share dreams and hopes.
In the house where the present grows.
Only men.
Lonely men.
Important men.
Imported men.
Supported without personality.
Supported personalities.
Supported leaders makers.
Supported leaders.
Fake leaders.
Bosses with too many bosses.
Popular bosses.
Bosses without people.
People without a seat.
Submitted and ruffians.
Honorably disapproved.
Disgusted with honor.
Dead senators.
Senators forever.
Counselors badly advised.
Sellers of advisers.
Advices buyers.
Subdued friends.
Under everyone, but well paid.
Provident presidents.
Vicious vice presidents.
Shadow ministers.
Shadowed ministers.
Ministerial shadows.
False shooters.
False admirers.
Simply betrayers.
Corrupted by the best bidder.
Corruptors of souls.
Soulless souls.
Amendments dealers.
Lies dealers.
Slogans dealers.
Lonely men.
Only men.
In the house where future is written.

Now try to start from the end, reading backwards, like all the stories that tell the absurdities of our time...

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