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We are nature

Stories and News No. 1060 Mount Taranaki in New Zealand will receive the same legal rights as a person, becoming the third geographical part of the country to get a "legal personality". With the spreading of the surprising, good news, of the fundamental words narrating it - as rights and person, the consequences became a story, of simple shape and dreamy content... I am also like Taranaki, said a girl child of the traveling species , the ones with a delicate ticket, who leads to heaven, but only if someone designs it for them. I am a hill , not a mountain, but one day I will become one, if you’ll give me enough space on the map. Me too, like her, exclaimed her mother, a little older than her daughter, a typical trait of those who are hungry for life. I am a lowland , I give peace and relief to tired limbs, I see the sky and I’m not ashamed to staring at. Taking advantage of the courage of the two, the father join the show. I am a lake and I reflect those I love, I

You ask me too much

Stories and News No. 1059 You ask me too much, that’s what it is, gosh. She said that as the Christmas season approaches, luxury jewelry brands will prepare, like every year, for their usual binge of money . So? I replied, without giving her a look. She said, always the girl, that maybe this year I will consider their supporting role, although indirectly, in favor of the Rohingya genocide and join tens of thousands of people who ask retailers of high-end jewelry to end to their relations with the Burmese army . What? I told her with my head and especially the brain frozen. Then the girl said that for the military in Burma, the involvement in the huge export of gems is an enormous flow of income. She adds that almost all the top quality jades and 95% of the rubies in the world come from those countries . You ask me too much, I repeat, too much, gosh. She said: don’t trust stuff from that brand because they sell weapons where they kill each other every day. And you stop buy

Great mothers stories

Stories and News (short) Susan Bro , mother of Heather Heyer , the Charlottesville activist who was killed while protesting against an extreme right-wing gathering in Virginia, before those who asked her why she's struggling to fight for social justice in memory of her daughter, has recently declared: " Am I supposed to sit at home and cry? " In one sentence, I read a lot. Within the latter, an affirmation of admirable dignity. Immense pain transformed into equally vast daring. A question to those who have intellect, and above all conscience to understand. And do something… Read also today Stories and News : Stories of heroes on wrong story’s right side Read more stories about life Buy my English edition books Italian Short Stories, a dual language book , Climate change stories, a dual language book , Stories of diversity, a dual language book and Multicultural stories for kids . Listen my music band. Watch my last storytelling show with English su

Stories of heroes on wrong story’s right side

Stories and News No. 1058 As Lorena Gazzotti said on The Guardian , activists and NGOs that defend migrants rights will be remember 2017 as the year when they were targeted by legal systems in Europe and North Africa, ending up being considered as real criminals . In fact, the authorities on both sides of the Mediterranean want to silence those who are uncomfortable witnesses to the brutality of the border police. Once upon a time there was a world . No, indeed, there is . There was even before, but there was no evidence, or maybe the pages were burned before reaching most of the eyes. Also there was, indeed there is , even before, although there should not be, a world told by History . A planet of many lives and shores, divided by a sea of lies, of thousands of existences and landings, lots of small stories that survived the journey with courage and dedication almost like the children of the late in coming future. In such a place of multiple experiences and divisions, t

Stories of women killed in Mexico

Stories and News (short) According to a new, recent report by the Interior Department, the National Women's Institute and the UN agency, the number of women murdered in Mexico has risen sharply in the last decade, in the middle of the war on drugs. In particular, of over 50,000 killing of women since 1985, almost a third took place over the past six years. I wish male readers out there will tolerate and understand what I’m going to say, but when a woman is murdered, much more is killed than the mere flesh and blood that were asking just for life. Because when a woman is erased from history, it happens also to the future she would have donated, the present she would have taken care of, and the past she would have claimed. It's like taking the earth off from the sky, one piece at a time. It is like depriving the sun of the best which to be reflected in. It creates unnatural loneliness that leaves behind madness and misery. With every women martyrdom, we all become s

When help comes from above

Stories and News No. 1057 Yesterday there was a dramatic rescue operation by the Turkish coast guard in the Aegean Sea of at least 51 people who were stranded on the rocks while trying to cross Greece. When help comes from above... When help comes from above , we get it early, yes it is. Because so we live the moment. With head lifted towards the missing light and an anxious gaze of seeing the clouds of our evil fate broken by miraculous remnants of supporting humanity. When help comes from above , it's a big feeling, in the heart and in the outstretched hands. But even when it comes to the side, or even from the bottom. It happens more often than you can imagine, you know? It doesn’t make news or even history. On the contrary, when from higher levels, living empathy becomes flesh, well, it’s a magical precedent that changes everyone's story. Of the saved and the savior. The first cannot help but rejoice at the idea that there really is someone, up there, in t

The poverty of choice

Stories and News No. 1056     My name is Kaimah , I'm ten years old and I'm poor. I didn’t choose it, as I didn’t decide to come into this world. I cannot do anything about it and I will do nothing with what doesn’t depend on me. I have no time to waste with what I cannot change. The World Health Organization and the World Bank declared yesterday that almost one hundred million people in the world are forced every year to daily choose between health and food , education and basic necessities . For the rest of humanity, a hundred is just a number, as well as a million times as much. Greatness doesn’t matter, unless it’s one and that one is you. In this case, I choose, each day, each week. Monday I ate, yes, I had to, I couldn’t help it. A little and with joy, with extreme calm and attention to every crumb that could run away. I love you, tiny piece of edible life. Don’t leave me, stay with me, in me. You’ll see that I won’t waste every gift from you. And I’l

Brave women stories

Stories and News (short) Guatemalan women have decided to face the giants of Canada guilty of terrible human rights violations. The Maya Q'eqchi indigenous women's group has launched a legal challenge that could put the vast mining interests of the Canadian giant in serious danger. In the documents we read of violence and abuse, illicit expropriations and houses burned by security officers. It seems it is the first time that someone stands up against the mines corporations in Canada. Is it perhaps a coincidence that this courage is once again from women and, I add, indigenous ones? Read also today Stories and News Read more Human rights stories Buy my English edition books Italian Short Stories, a dual language book , Climate change stories, a dual language book , Stories of diversity, a dual language book and Multicultural stories for kids . Listen my music band. Watch my last storytelling show with English subtitles It's amazing what a little light

Diversity story for kids video

Sunset is the fairy tale of a kid born among two different worlds, like Africa and Europe could be. Between two colours, two diverse cultures and kind of living. Indeed, as the true sunset, he exists right in the middle of everything, between Night and Day , getting the best gifts accepting his situation as natural, understanding the advantages and richness inside the unity of diversity. Thist story shares common understanding between  different people, fighting racism and discrimination. It was published as a picture book for children by Lapis Edizioni in 2002 and Tempesta Editore in 2017. In 2003 it was awarded by the International Youth Library (IYL, Monaco) with the White Ravens , a recognition to the books all over the world considered of special value and it was selected in 2011 for the “ Night of the tales ”, event organized throughout Switzerland by the Bibliomedia Italian Switzerland. Video in English with Italian subtitles:

Composition: what is a computer virus

Stories and News No. 1055 Francine is a common adolescent, to a hasty eye. Even to one with time to sell , if you know what I mean. It happens often that, in order to understand others, gaze and other overrated senses are not enough. In any case, Francine should make a composition, even if she doesn’t want it, but her grades are going down day by day. Title : What are computer viruses? She’s going to write, but then she decides to start with the classic copy from the internet, to be sure of having said at least something right: A computer virus is a program that infects the PC, while creating copies of itself, usually without being detected by the user, just like biological viruses. Those who make and spread viruses are called hackers, who take advantage of the weakness of operating systems to damage computers, slowing down or conditioning their functioning . Francine remains with the pen suspended on the sheet and, as it often happens when she comes across something that ma

Orangutan selfie story

Stories and News No. 1054 The naturalist photographer Ian Wood deliberately left his camera in a Borneo forest, until it was found by a very young, curious creature... Can I? Thank you. First name ? I don’t know, I've never needed it, and I can say the same about those who have loved me so far. Because I can , because it can . To be happy like that. Last name ? Same as above, with family and future progeny equally devoid of surnames and signature. Because it’s possible , therefore natural . Age ? Three years old, if the beginning is birth. A few hours ago, starting from the first light. Now, if you talk about life that really matters. Particular signs ? Well, here comes the beauty. Not signs , everything. All is unique and differs from the most. The whole lot surrounds and welcomes. The world is mine and everyone's at the same time. Nobody feels robbed. Job ? What do you mean? Wait a minute… are you speaking about that thing of doing something to bring fo

The last dream of the submarine

Stories and News No. 1053 Argentina has stopped the rescue operations for its submarine that disappeared 15 days after an explosion, apparently reported on the bottom of the Atlantic off the coast of Patagonia. Still no news of the 44 crew members ... So, here we are. It's time. Ours. In a story, too. A farewell, maybe. Of a dream , undoubtedly. Of many, enclosed in one. Come on, let's read them together and stay close to the missing ones to give each other a true goodnight, with hope, never certainty, to meet again the next morning. Anyway, who can claim to really have it? The first one is dancing in front of a mainland audience that can only admire those who do not fear the waves. The second smiles, because he trusts the Principle of Archimedes applied to the imagination : a dream immersed in a liquid receives a push from the bottom upwards equal to the impossibility of realizing it . The third is playing cards with the fourth and screams of joy, because he w