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Diversity story for kids video

Sunset is the fairy tale of a kid born among two different worlds, like Africa and Europe could be. Between two colours, two diverse cultures and kind of living. Indeed, as the true sunset, he exists right in the middle of everything, between Night and Day, getting the best gifts accepting his situation as natural, understanding the advantages and richness inside the unity of diversity.
Thist story shares common understanding between  different people, fighting racism and discrimination.
It was published as a picture book for children by Lapis Edizioni in 2002 and Tempesta Editore in 2017.
In 2003 it was awarded by the International Youth Library (IYL, Monaco) with the White Ravens, a recognition to the books all over the world considered of special value and it was selected in 2011 for the “Night of the tales”, event organized throughout Switzerland by the Bibliomedia Italian Switzerland.

Video in English with Italian subtitles: