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We are nature

Stories and News No. 1060

Mount Taranaki in New Zealand will receive the same legal rights as a person, becoming the third geographical part of the country to get a "legal personality".
With the spreading of the surprising, good news, of the fundamental words narrating it - as rights and person, the consequences became a story, of simple shape and dreamy content...

I am also like Taranaki, said a girl child of the traveling species, the ones with a delicate ticket, who leads to heaven, but only if someone designs it for them. I am a hill, not a mountain, but one day I will become one, if you’ll give me enough space on the map.

Me too, like her, exclaimed her mother, a little older than her daughter, a typical trait of those who are hungry for life. I am a lowland, I give peace and relief to tired limbs, I see the sky and I’m not ashamed to staring at.
Taking advantage of the courage of the two, the father join the show. I am a lake and I reflect those
I love, I transcribe dear images and movements with my heart, I am a mirror of the present, and I accompany all hope towards the center of the world, where the surface breeze becomes generous.
Brave aspirations, of a family with an easy imagination, the most obstinate to go beyond bricks and timeless words walls.
Thus, the game expands like a simple and light story, which doesn’t need to push to overcome gravity and logic.
I am a flower, vigorously affirms the little man who digs through the waste in search of the only possible treasure, the edible one. Water me and I will no longer need to steal the remains of normal living.
I am a river, whispers one of the many, too many victims of abuse, which slips away and caresses earth affirming presence and awareness of what has been taken away. Look at me, don’t be afraid to get wet in my fragile memory, just remember and let it reach the sea to finally find justice and restitution.
I am a cave, big and spacious, proudly shouts the lonely man among the lonely crowd. It's cold here, there's not much light left now, but I'm still a person.
We all are, others say.
We are people like Taranaki, claim the too young voices of working lives, where they should only laugh until crying.
We are people, remember the mistreated creatures under the blanket of the so-called civil life, guilty of not yet discovered identities by myopic, current perspective.
Then, just for a moment, the buzz becomes lighter, because often on the impervious route, common memory and solidarity are loyal even backwards.
Silence, now, when everyone remembers.
They too, who have been erased from the inconvenient story, they were people.
On the bottom of the sea and the hot earth, we have buried millions of mountains and lakes, hills and rivers, sublime shapes and perfect colors.
They and us, we deserve your best pages.
Because exactly like you.
We are nature.

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