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Orangutan selfie story

Stories and News No. 1054

The naturalist photographer Ian Wood deliberately left his camera in a Borneo forest, until it was found by a very young, curious creature...

Can I?
Thank you.
First name? I don’t know, I've never needed it, and I can say the same about those who have loved me so far.
Because I can, because it can.
To be happy like that.
Last name? Same as above, with family and future progeny equally devoid of surnames and signature.
Because it’s possible, therefore natural.
Age? Three years old, if the beginning is birth.
A few hours ago, starting from the first light.
Now, if you talk about life that really matters.
Particular signs? Well, here comes the beauty.
Not signs, everything.
All is unique and differs from the most.
The whole lot surrounds and welcomes.
The world is mine and everyone's at the same time.

Nobody feels robbed.
Job? What do you mean? Wait a minute… are you speaking about that thing of doing something to bring food on the table? Simple, just food, and also without a table.
But maybe you allude to promotions and careers, promised shots and holidays, but not paid...
No, sorry, no.
This I cannot...
Disappointed? Wait, don’t go away, please, stay, we have time, a little more, but we have and we can’t say goodbye this way.
Residence? It depends.
If you refer to the home address, or, where you find rest and shelter, look for it.
And like me, you’ll find it.
However, open your eyes and throw them everywhere, without saving.
Trust your fingers, touch and grasp.
Fill the body with simple gifts and have the courage to risk everything.
If nature asks.
I can so much, therefore, as you can see.
Like you, after all, son of the most intrusive and screaming portion of the planet.
Just as I am able to press a button and draw in the eyes that look at my smiling or surprised face, I could do nothing for the others, however convinced to be better than them.
I could only be a hindrance to my society’s progress, but still considering myself innocent and also cool.
I could even boast myself about my reduced intellectual abilities and make it an essential requirement to lead the pack and act as a model.
I could also share with my peers a daily mountain of meaningless verses, approving and making them as viral as a particularly successful rainbow in the sky and a equally worthy of memory sunset.
But I won’t do it, because not everything that can be done is worth my time.
Because I can and a lot.
It’s a wonderful privilege, and I have no interest in wasting it.

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