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Stories of heroes on wrong story’s right side

Stories and News No. 1058

As Lorena Gazzotti said on The Guardian, activists and NGOs that defend migrants rights will be remember 2017 as the year when they were targeted by legal systems in Europe and North Africa, ending up being considered as real criminals.
In fact, the authorities on both sides of the Mediterranean want to silence those who are uncomfortable witnesses to the brutality of the border police.

Once upon a time there was a world.
No, indeed, there is.
There was even before, but there was no evidence, or maybe the pages were burned before reaching most of the eyes.
Also there was, indeed there is, even before, although there should not be, a world told by History.

A planet of many lives and shores, divided by a sea of lies, of thousands of existences and landings, lots of small stories that survived the journey with courage and dedication almost like the children of the late in coming future.
In such a place of multiple experiences and divisions, they were there, heroes by mistake.
They were called criminals, in the mad logic made by easy keyboards and bloodthirsty pc’s.
Everything had been accomplished a long ago, the damage was already visible and tangible.
It would have been enough to take a look at the grotesque outcomes in the aftermath of the usual popular choices, also read as the democratic ticket to pay for the usual, old dictatorship of the land's riches.
Incredible, the scenario.
Incredible, statements and decisions of the chosen monsters.
As much as the absolute lack of awareness inside the inhuman genre about the serious risk on the horizon.
By that, the bestselling stories were incredible too.
The crazy fiction where who saves the helpless is drawn as the villain of the plot, those who write it as people worthy of guiding others, and who entrusts the common destiny to such characters is a mature, angrily disenchanted and coldly pragmatic person.
The problem is that where those plans are imposed from above, with the paradoxical deception that the inspiration comes exactly from the opposite direction, they act like pandemic viruses.
Everything can be contaminated and poisoned to death.

However, it’s not the breath to stop, but something more farsighted: the underrated ideal of a virtuous act.
The first to fall under the blows were the fairy tales.
People began to consider the hunter who saves Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother from the wolf as the usual, silly good-hearted, unable to accept that the ravenous predator ate in peace the weak flesh along its path.
The Fairy Godmother was accused of witchcraft and threatened with virtual burning, for allowing a bribe like Cinderella to dream of a far better tomorrow than a normal, congenital slavery.
The seven dwarfs were even branded on the various, viral and ruling social networks as a subversive and dangerous terrorist organization, guilty of kidnapping the naive Snow White, to brainwash her with dated statements about the rights of miners and alleged abuse of usurpers and their ally mirror.
Then it touched the real and indisputable heroes of the past, as Anna Frank, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, almost erased in the failed public memory.
Finally, after having infected everything and everyone, the mystification accomplished the whole turn and returned to the starting point, the now damaged gazes.
Watch them now, imagine them at this precise moment in the act of looking with disdain at the heroes on the right side of the wrong story.
Please, do the same and if what you feel is exactly what they feel, it means that you are not just reading the story of this strange world.
You live there, just like me.
But you have not noticed it yet…

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