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Thank you Mr. Trump from the shithole countries

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According to a Washington Post report, after being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and some African nations - as part of a bipartisan immigration agreement, President Trump said: "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"
Well, there is only one way to reply to those who have no sense of past history and of the many, small living stories surviving around us...

Shithole countries...
Thank you, US president.
Thank you so much on behalf of the aforementioned countries, for the certainly unintentional compliment.
As you well know, the first shitholes were invented about three thousand years before Christ. It seems that the most advanced ones date back to 2800 BC. in the ancient city of Mohenjo-daro, in Pakistan, a country that you particularly loved.

Other pioneers shitholes were found in Skara Brae, Orkney, Scotland, and date back to a period from 3100 to 2500, always before Christ.
As if to say, Pakistan and Scotland, that is, if you prefer East and West, began to cleanse their backs with an official methodology at the same time and in the same way.
Later, as it’s usual among human beings when we find the solution to a common problem, we shared shitholes as we do today on the various social media with the bullshits - let me pass the word, and as many were installed in Minoan Crete, in Pharaonic Egypt and ancient Persia.
From 2012 I’ve got an interesting anecdote.
In that year, some archaeologists discovered what is believed to be the first shithole of Southeast Asia, in a Neolithic village of Rạch Núi, in southern Vietnam. It dates back to 1500 before Christ and gave us reliable clues about the diet of the time, in this case fish and meat, in addition to the nature of the parasites that made hard the digestion.
In other words, tell me how you use the shithole and I'll tell you what you eat and what disturbs your stomach.
In the age of total espionage of the average citizen, now reduced to a sort of sensitive data colander - you world leaders make copious use of it, this is something worthy, both for the food and laxatives industry.
In your place, a would propose a special social network to your investors, I don’t know, maybe Shitbook or Shitter.
Let’s go back to the history, to note the variant Pig Shithole, introduced in China by the Han Dynasty, which allowed to fulfill the pigs’ nourishment with the above-mentioned, valuable gross domestic product.
In the post-classical era, from 200-600 to 1200-1500, we started to use the shitholes so-called "garderobes", a kind of wooden or stone floors outside the house, and obviously far from the rooms and near kitchens and fireplaces.
Because doing it in the cold is not pleasant since immemorial time.
So let’s jump to the modern era, to the well-known copper and porcelain shitholes, more or less decorated, according to taste.
Flavors that led, for example, to do your personal job outdoors, to fertilize the soil, see Denmark.
In the sixteenth century, instead, the underground shitholes spread, always outside the houses and still to satisfy the need to help agriculture.
Nonetheless, let us now come to the first examples of modern shitholes, the cups with relative flush.
They come from the genius mind of Scottish Alexander Cumming in 1775 for design, and three years later for the realization to English Joseph Bramah, the latter considered one of the fathers of hydraulic engineering.
As it’s natural, the prodigious invention became an object of popular use only later on, precisely around 1850.
In short, thank you, Mr. President, because you could have said maybe “chair of countries” or even “fork of countries”, but it would not have been the same.
With your words, however controversial, you finally understood that when referring to entire nations, it means bringing into play peoples, millions of lives, ancient cultures and old traditions such as man himself.
This is a fundamental requirement in those who have the responsibility to make better… this shithole world.

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