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Tom’s feeling for heat

Stories and News No. 1066

His name is Tom, yes, like an average person.
And, like an average person, you could say to him: "Hey, Tom, wait a minute..."
Then, once you've gotten a little of his attention, you might add: "Tom, do you know that last year was one of the three hottest in history ever recorded? Did you understand how hot it is, Tom?"

He could turn around as if he had not heard anything, continuing to go in circles around his monotonous existence.
But maybe you could be one of those insistent.
Maybe you'll try again: "Tom, you know? The data tell us that last year was among the three hottest even without El Niño. Can you see how hot it is, dear Tom?"
Without any intention of interrupting his stupid dance, he could look at you with a confused expression.
Then, with due patience, you could explain to him: "El Niño, Tom, it’s the climatic phenomenon that causes a considerable heating of the Central-Southern and Eastern Pacific Oceans, in particular in the months of December and January about every five years. Is it clear to you, Tom? Is it clear to you how hot it is?"
However, he could remain impassive even facing such clarification, however aggravating the situation.
So, maybe with a pinch of frustration, you could slightly raise your voice.
"Tom, do you want to stop for a moment to listen to me?"
He could not consent to the request and then, demonstrating a passionate dedication to the cause, you could tune into his incessant escape from the present reality, or inability to focus on the actual concreteness of the facts, and swinging to the rhythm of his own fluctuation, you could let yourself go to a heartfelt outburst.
"Tom, do you understand that it’s you and me, with our dull and selfish choices to provoke the unnatural rise of temperature? How can you accept to live the time you have left in such a stupid way? You are resigned, like a prisoner who no longer sees any salvation on the horizon, condemned to always see the same image beyond the glass, admiring the fortunate life of those who take advantage of your surrender."
Yet, despite a total emotional participation, Tom could incredibly insist on remaining indifferent to your words.
"Tom", you could then shout at the push of despair, "please, come down from this hellish carousel that you consider inevitable destiny. You are made to fly, or at least dream of doing it, at least try, careless of the missing sky, defying gravity and limits, but always ready to come back to embrace the beloved land that has generated each one of us. It's getting hotter and it's our fault, do you understand, Tom?"
Here, at this point, in front of the immutability of the his fool turning around an irremediably passive existence, you could give up.
It would be understandable, but you must not.
Do it for Tom, of course, but above all for yourself and those you love.
On the other hand, his name is Tom, just like any other person.
But if you look at him carefully you will find that he has nothing human.
Because Tom is just a chicken stuck on the spit he delivered himself to...

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