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Humanitarian aid is a crime for everyone?

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Scott Warren was arrested for trying to save lives. He is a humanitarian operator and member of No More Deaths, an advocacy group based in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, which seeks to end the deaths of migrants crossing desert regions near the US-Mexico border.
According to the federal court's report, his arrest last week arrived after border patrol officers inspected a building where two immigrants had received food, water, beds and clean clothes (visit the No More Deaths Youtube Channel, with videos of patrol officials emptying the water
containers to prevent immigrants from finding them).
The court ruled that Scott's crime consists in offering his help to individuals guilty of a crime, in a sort of indirect complicity, is that right? Well, the imputable people’s list is countless...

Once upon a time there was a law.
An equal for all one, otherwise what are we talking about?
Yes, what, I've been wondering that for some time.
The law for all was simple: giving support to a criminal represents an equally prohibited act.
Therefore, I understand the burdens of a pious heart, brother, and I am aware of the uncomfortable symptoms of the good-natured virus, sister. Setting aside for a moment the famous dictates of the philosopher Agostino,
deservedly practiced by Martin Luther King, about nobility of disobedience to a norm considered inhuman, where you find yourself foraging someone, always remember to check his criminal fed. Note to listening Christians: see it as a sort of unavoidable amendment to the famous, evangelical Works of mercy, on quenching and feeding the derelicts.
For all the others, just remember that, period.
Nonetheless, everybody knows how the laws for anyone work.
Wait a minute… but, each law, shouldn’t be for everybody by definition?
I must think about that later.
Anyway, they concern many more citizens on the shadowed side of the border rather than the other way around.
In fact, in the aftermath of the fair application of our rule, a series of large-scale arrests was carried out in a sort of colossal trawling without any risk of error.
All those who persevere in keeping their accounts in banks investing in weapons trafficking were arrested. Because selling death is a crime, period, otherwise, what are we talking about?
Yes, what is the focal point of the story, I think.
Then they were all arrested, I repeat, all those who in the past voted for political leaders enriched by cheating anyone without scruples, also entire countries.
Consider this too as an update, or completion of the much-celebrated right to vote: once you reach the age required, you have the right to vote... only honest citizens.
Otherwise, what are we talking about?
In fact, but I get there.
After that, there was the arrest of anyone who had purchased products of trademarks guilty of any of the crimes typical of companies, especially corporations: exploitation of child labor, pollution, failure to respect human rights, your choice.
Therefore, yet another addition to the Guide for the good consumer: think, I stress again, think carefully before buying something, or you’ll go to jail.
Because making a profit at the expense of others is a crime, right? Maybe when that neighbor is just the guy who wants to migrate in your country…
Otherwise, what are we talking about?
Exactly, we all know what.
The modern man’s law.
Where, for example, it’s legal to send racists and homophobes to parliament, to donate audiences and lucrative clicks to mountains of violence and gratuitous offenses, to be a “keyboard patriot” sitting on an unwittingly guilty conscience of innocent blood, to be in any way a founding brick of a society that literally lives on the ashes of the world around it.
While helping the poor ones is a crime...

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