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Immigration stories: the law of migrants

Stories and News No. 1061

US District Judge William Alsup has decided that the "Dreamers" program strongly supported by Obama, that protects from deportation minors illegally brought into the country by their families, must remain in place, considering Trump’s attempt to end it unfolded.
It would be all simpler if - immodestly paraphrasing the philosopher Augustine of Hippo, we all obeyed a very simple motto...

Once upon a time there was the law of migrants.
One of even greater scope, but it takes time to raise head and prospects.
At least, a story, this one.
Nevertheless, the statement is short and straightforward: Follow the rules and then what you will, do.
You can write it, if you like, but learning it by heart and above all conscience would solve a lot and facilitate our collective journey.

The are many, my dear friend, even more, enough to compose a tale, where a doctor has clean shirts and skilled hands intended for patients whose citizenship has no bearing on the recipe.
We could quote a certain Hippocrates oath, but the norm introduced is adequate.
In fact, it obliges any agent of public security to guarantee the latter to everybody as a unique and priority mission, protecting the defenseless from real danger and not from their own fear, preventing them from being hurt by concrete abuses and not generated by lies injected into the heart, assuring the safety of their own kind and not of their phobia for the unknown.
For all that there is the doctor mentioned above, in this case specialized in the much underrated virus of the mind.
How not to mention, then, the administrator of the common goods, local or with much wider horizons between his responsibilities.
The definition itself would suffice to show the road. Maybe focusing on the common goods, which are not related only to the lucky citizens, but to everyone, no one feels, or is excluded, among those who live near you, whatever the origin might be.
And the goods must be everyone's, or anyone's.
Never a few.
An inevitable addition to this list regards the precious guidance of the young hopes to a more educated version of themselves, in short, the teacher.
Well, the duty to welcome and make class with any skin or tradition came up from a desk is this time too easily synthesized.
A word is enough.
All different, all the same, in the fragment inside the heavenly sky, having a sacred right to the latter.
However, if we wanted to generalize the aforementioned enumeration, regardless of the reasons that lead us to the meeting with others, there is the most indisputable rule to support them all, to use an universal compass: human is the right to life and all the rest, not inferior to what you fear can be robbed from others.
Here we come to the conclusion that, perhaps, would have saved ink and page.
The law of migrants.
Translated into an irreverent manipulation of the famous saying given birth by the well-known philosopher.
Which, in the original version, would be even better for us, if only it was a shared privilege.
Love and then what you will, do, but let everyone do the same...

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