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Poverty stories: rich and poor against the poorest

Stories and News No. 1067

According to recent estimates by Oxfam, 42 persons hold the same wealth as the 3.7 billion that make up the poorest half of the world's population...

Once upon a time there was a world.
A planet that has been balancing on itself since immemorial time.
A proportion as old as man himself.
In fact, precisely because of the latter, although the above position was precarious and perpetually on the edge of the precipice, this absurd contrast of weights and balances was immutable.
Let's face it frankly, okay?
Inequality was a state of affairs.
It was persecuted, sought with enthusiasm and commitment, I would say with extreme dedication.
Then, to be defended at all costs, as could be done with civil rights or democracy, in a naive story of romantic visions.

As proof of that, the most portentous claim didn’t concern the real distribution of fortunes, more or less lawfully earned, but the nature of the present and the future which the various citizens chose to commit their time for.
Of course, a handful of reckless on a plate and billions of short-lived existences on the other is an unacceptable image, but the ringing contradiction regarded the scale itself, held in the hands of the missing half.
Compared to a population of seven and a half billion people, three billion and seven hundred thousand unfortunates and the famous forty-two, we could fill entire continents with the rest.
To be precise, three billion and eight hundred thousand lives, in short us.
Immediately a mathematical perspective emerges with phenomenal simplicity, sheltered from a crystalline and perhaps virtuously childlike lucidity, not yet corrupted by the illogical powers. The three billion and eight hundred thousand face each other, perhaps not at the same time, and take without further discussion the most convenient decision for all of them: encircling the small group of the forty-two, forcing them to redistribute the inevitable maltreatment to the robbed ones.
Because this is also obvious, do we want to say it loudly?
You cannot be billionaires without having others stuff in the bag.
Rhetorical axiom, of course, but the more the truths are simpler, as well they’re removed from the final calculation.
Have you ever noticed that? As if the result of “one plus one” was so right, that we could even say “zero”, without asking where the “two” ended, or in what pockets…
So, according to a far from linear arithmetic, our three billion and eight hundred thousand - but we could also say us, instead of accusing the forty-two, they moved their sights on “the others” by definition.
Three billion and seven hundred thousand prey to hit and break down, without any chance of mistake, given the amount of easy and unarmed targets available.
The crazy half of the population drew the face of the enemy on them, not the cursed forty-two.
Thieves and murderers, invaders and immoral creatures, uncivilized and infected people, the living reasons of every possible misfortune, from unemployment to the ingrown toenail were there, on the heaviest plate of the above scale.
In the heart, a single supplication at the price of the destruction of all dreams confessed so far, thwarting every progress made by evolution since polytheistic societies: we worship you, forty-two deities, we prostrate ourselves to you and we promise to sacrifice in your name the lives of derelicts.
In return, continue to drug us with digital illusions and sell us mediocre horizons.
Because we feel "poor" in your presence and we don’t wish anything else, except being someday exactly like you...

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