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I make way

Stories and News No. 1062

Jalandhar Nayak and his family are the only residents of the remote village of Gumsahi in eastern India. Two years ago he took a chisel, a garden hoe, a pick and started digging. Over time, he managed to make an eight-kilometer route through the impervious hilly terrain to help his children get to school...

I make way.
I am a father and this is my job.
I cannot just raise the arm with presumed authority and with a stretched hand pointing the finger at the horizon.
Because the already written and conquered goal is old stuff, and because it would be too easy for anxiously travelers behind to follow the worn out footprints.
I would dare to say useless.

Jalandhar Nayak Photo: BBC India
The peaks lacking of flags and memory are made of not yet pronounced dreams and hopes.
If there is no beginning of the way, like the end, the future path greedily awaits pencil and courage.
It waits for me.
That's why I make way for others.
I am human and this is my best task.
I could never consider enough raising my voice, to scold with hysterical nozzle and alleged threateningly look at the rebel walker.
Because the need for alternative routes for tomorrow is a matter of course, which I should expect first.
Never last.
It would be unpardonable that the young flames burning so much to the eyes of early aged looks would renounce the precious ardor they give us.
Let's say a true crime.
The indispensable goals are born from formidable intuitions that are evident too soon, and if there is no recipe, or even the paper which to write on, the creating imagination needs help.
It needs me.
Myself and what I've been.
I’m one of those who walked because I found land underfoot, and was thrilled thanks to trips worth the price more than the arrival itself.
One of the many who could enjoy a free and silent sacrifice.
Someone who one day has touched with a hand what the previous day was as light as air.
Because someone else, before him, where before there was emptiness, saw a line between two points so different and far from each other to remain lonely forever.
Therefore, today and tomorrow.
With gratitude and love for the following page.
I will make way for you.

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