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The truth about immigration 2018

Stories and News No. 1065

The indisputable numbers explain that in the major European countries and USA, which are often brought up by so-called local leaders as examples to follow, the immigrants are around 15% in Sweden, 14.4% in the United States, 12% in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, slightly less in France and even lower figures in Spain and Italy.
This means, for purely statistical reasons, that there is a huge number of our fellow citizens who spend weeks, if not months, without meeting a foreigner.
Anyone who started a speech about the problems of society and the priorities of the latter, no matter he’s a political exponent, of any sort, rather than the man in the bar, the social network friend, the chatty colleague or the relative statesman , even if only by citing the migrants, he should be kicked in the ass.
Otherwise, it would be like slavishly accepting to be the one who is first kicked out and then cheated.
Yet, despite over time the presences have obviously increased, for decades now the central theme of the global electoral debate is not the costs and the corruption of politics, nor are the taxes always in favor of richer people and corporations, nor the monopoly of press, not even the level of health system, education and welfare in general, it’s not unemployment and above all not climate change, but that notorious, about ten percent of immigrants.
One in ten citizens, according to the current popular interpretation, capable alone to put at risk the present and more than ever the future of all others.
Consequently, these being the facts, or the aforementioned indisputable numbers, how is it possible that we have come so far?
Here is revealed the mysterious formula in five points...

First, take one or, even better, a couple of generations.
Even three, if you can.
It's like a soup, it improves with the addition, but a focused one, that's clear.
Secondly, identify a type of people who in some way live in a disadvantaged position compared to the majority of the population.
Let's say they're the red-haired ones.
Beaker from The Muppet Show
I realize that there is an infinite number of variations of vermilion hair and that, even with the same tonality, the wearers of the latter possess so many innumerable characteristics that distinguish them from one another.
But you indulge me and imagine with me that red hair people are a kind of category apart from the entire human race.
Third, begin to tell the whole world always the same story, but in every conceivable and feasible form, whether it is art rather than the press, politics and education, where the essence is this: red hair people represent absolute evil.
Soon, you will see that the villain of the story will be the red knight, the red will become a dismal and gloomy colour, an expression as “the situation is going to be red” will predict bad clouds on the horizon, “working in red” will be a scourge of employment and above all, the red-haired actors will be the first to die in horror movies, believe me on the word.
Fourth, work incessantly aiming at one goal: people must be afraid of red hair people.
Fifth, if you have sown carefully, sooner or later you will begin to reap the rewards.
You will see that the day will come when you will hear the following slogans: the brown breed must be protected from reds, those carrots are invading us, red hair people are tinging to blend in between us, we propose a vigilant control of regrowth, according to science red hair people are less intelligent, a red hair miss Universe is not acceptable, there are too many red-haired players in our league, red hair people carry diseases, red hair people are more likely to commit crimes, they don’t understand our hair and don’t integrate with the our shampoos, a class with only red hair students is not acceptable, red hair people have to go back to their hairdressers, etc.
All this seems absurd, but if you follow the formula judiciously, it will be possible, despite the average of red-haired persons in the world is at most 2%, two people in a hundred.
The antidote for this poisonous and grotesque fraud?
Simple as difficult.
As elusive as it is, it is called telling, chasing and defending the truth

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