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Florida shooting: what we learned

Stories and News No. 1074

What we know so far about the shooting in Parkland, Florida: seventeen people - among children and adults - were killed by a young man who entered a high school on Wednesday afternoon. Seven remain in critical condition and five were released yesterday.
The suspect killer is the nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz and he was armed with a "legally" bought rifle.
For the record, the mass shootings in the United States were 1,624 in the last 1,870 days, with 1875 dead and 6848 injured. No other country in the world, among the most developed nations, has a rate of violence that is roughly similar to that of the USA. It’s estimated that US citizens own about 265 million firearms
This is what we know and partly knew.
But we more or less close spectators, more or less interested ones, what have we learned from that?

What we learned.
What we have learned from two world wars and hundreds as many, unspoken or exploited, planned and soon forgotten, invented and unintentionally fed conflicts.
What we have learned from the extermination of the Jews and of every human category that might be sacrificed to the altar of madness in charge disguised as popular will.
What the abomination of slavery and State racism has taught us, with discrimination for political use and politics with a uniquely intolerant purpose.
What showed us the tale of genocides from movies and medals and those to be censored until death, that is, until the total disappearance of uncomfortable victims.

What was left in us, where we finally realized that it was not the so called Indians, the evil ones, and that absolute good doesn’t exist, except in the fear of those who watch and look for heroes.
What we felt inside, reading scams and deception at the base of every call to arms, with personal and private interests revealed only when the ashes of the victims are dispersed on the horizon situated strictly behind the usual winners.
What we have said, really, when we have saw the longevity of the damage from fascism, immensely difficult to eradicate in the deepest recesses of our vituperated memory.
What gave us the wonderful epitaphs by special women and men who died for the peace of the next page’s inhabitants.
What we thought, when the evidence of human tragedy personally touched us, transforming us from a simple audience into leading actors.
So, what do we get from the aspiring leaders to manage the country while they talk and chat, demonstrating with the facts to have no propensity to remember and more than ever learn from the present, if not the past.
And where we had imagined faculties, what could we learn by revealing to our sedentary eyes what future we are drawing?
What have we learned, then, from this story?
Maybe, I hope so with all of myself, above all for the still intact souls, that this time, after the umpteenth massacre of innocent lives… we will learn something...

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