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Italy elections 2018 immigration scapegoat

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According to some of the foreign press, observing the priorities of Italian political debate, there are serious problems to solve, impossible to ignore. Unforgettable, unless you want them to grow further, until becoming unsolvable.
You know what I'm talking about, don’t you?
I start from the very first one, but it could have been taken for granted, just reading the headlines and listen to the preferred topics by the main candidates to lead Italy from next March.

I refer of course to that fetid tumor, in the form of an organ now accepted and assimilated, which earns every year 150 billion euros.
Consider randomly an Italian leader among the next possible prime ministers, visit their social page, their twittering profile or their official website and you will find at the top of their priorities the best recipe on how to eradicate this chronic cancer.
In any case, although you obviously understand what it is, it’s always better to call things by their name: according to Italian politics that abscess which I refer to is not the Mafia, but illegal immigration
Nonetheless, speaking of the Italian peninsula and its needs it’s not possible to not mention the virus that has gripped it since immemorial time, literally corroding the connective tissue at every level, social and labor, institutional and political.
Immediately after the aforementioned cancer and its deafening turnover, it’s the most important topic on all the press, especially now that we are approaching the polls.
In fact, the parties riders, concentrated on the fateful voting with more chances to win, never fail to explain to citizens how they intend to deal with this disaster, which puts Italy on the last but two place in Europe, above Greece and Bulgaria.
I know what I'm talking about, because I know what you all know.
The aforementioned disaster, I mean, that I’m saying here just for the record: the invasion of immigrants, what else?
Corruption, maybe? In Italy today that’s a prescribed crime even before it’s made…
However, it’s not permissible to conclude this desertion without putting on the plate a real plague of Italian society, which makes life suffering for millions of people, devastatingly affecting their daily search for a minimum perspective of the future.
Open a random newspaper and you will see how the most salacious feathers will constantly harass with their sharp points the competitors in the field to play the legislative helm.
Anyway, you already know what I was referring to when I said plague: the migrants, gosh.
It’s certainly not unemployment, which in modern Italy it’s no longer a problem to be solved, but a fact of life to live with, or die…
I could add much more to this list, but we don’t need to waste ink.
A word is enough.
The most cited by the newspapers and much more pronounced by politicians in elective pole position.
What word? Immigration, otherwise which one?
What is really the problem, where there is something that makes everyone agree?
The perfect scapegoat works for every category of this democratic dance.
The voting population, citizens with all the right papers, can freely talk about a topic that will never make them to feel directly or indirectly accountable, as could happen in the case of mafia, corruption and unemployment. Talking about immigration it’s like to talk about sport: once the fight is over, everyone returns to eat and drink, friends as before.
Journalists have titles already made, they gain time and clicks, they don’t have particular needs of precision and ethics of the profession, given the vulnerable nature of the protagonists, avoiding at the same time to remain glued to much more uncomfortable issues, like juxtapose the mafia, corruption and unemployment.
What about politicians? Well, if this is the image of the people and of those who inform them on the things of the world, they have to do nothing but adapt and feed them what they ask for.
Immigrants, may Heaven bless them…

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