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When they talk about you

Stories and News No. 1075

Almost 200 civilians, including women and children, were killed in Syria in dozens of airstrikes and bombings by forces loyal to Assad, specifically in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, during two days of an aggression defined by Amnesty International a fragrant war crime accomplished on an epic scale.
Despite yet another chapter of a massacre called war, it seems not affecting the leaders and many of the major press of the most influential and accountable nations in the world...

When they talk about you.
When they finally talk about you, up there, on dizzying, noble plans, even at the just above level, wait.
Wait to rejoice.
Stay safe, trust me.
Remain inside the shelter of a wise disenchantment.
As proof of that, here’s the following ballad of diversified examples, that is, advices.
Where they talk about you, while in Syria you’re defending memory and heart, armed with nothing but heart and memory, your wounds and your own blood occupy the first pages, but it’s oil that

supplies ink to the pen and it’s the volatility of its price that affects the need for the news.
Likewise, when they talk about you, dear migrant, in the tragic, last act of sinking among the waves - the only ones capable of welcoming you without any discrimination, the ecumenically reassuring image of the eclipsing, wrong ship, filled with inopportune lives, it’s among the viral pictures, it’s the agreements, or the disagreements, with the government of Libya and other countries from the blackmailing border that suggest the article, not the empathy for our most unfortunate fellows.
In the same way, when they talk about you, mistreated women, you will witness colourful processions of punctual hashtags and profiles with solidarity avatars, emotional testimonials and exciting testimonies.
But, down there, in the piece below the mosaic of human coexistence, at the precise moment when you’ll want help and maybe you’ll also have the strength to ask, look around and make a preserve a memory of who will come to the rescue.
On that day and also the next one.
In case they’ll talk about the so-called crimes by immigrants... well, they always do, so it's now a normal thing, a concept incessantly injected into the increasingly naive collective intelligence of the average citizens.
But in case the liar tale presents itself in a disproportionate way, don’t believe that it’s love for the country and for our traditions to guide the fingers on the keyboard.
See how days are left to the election time, and you will see how it will change the day after.
For the same reason, you will read about Islam and terrorism in the same sentence with frequency inversely proportional to the temporal distance from the fateful vote.
It's old story, nothing new.
Because it took decades or even a century for the Jews from the extermination camps and the cotton plantation slaves, the victims of Apartheid in South Africa and the millions of murdered native Americans to hear talking about them with a minimum of clarity and intellectual honesty.
There are others who are still waiting, and perhaps to them first, we should dedicate passion and interest.
That's why, if they talk about you, helpless inhabitant of the most shameful parts of our current screenplay, wait.
Wait to celebrate, and stay safe, if you can.

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