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Stories on diversity: alone among the similar

Stories and News No. 1070

In 2013 a seabird settled on the uninhabited island of Mana, north of New Zealand, probably attracted by the immovable replicas, a sort of statues, which had been placed there by the officers involved in the conservation of the species (video). They used the sound of birds played
through solar energy speakers in an attempt to create a colony in the scientific reserve made immune to harmful organisms.
Only a few weeks ago, the animal, renamed Nigel, had been joined by three members of its species. However, Nigel failed to make friends, dying today.

Alone among the different.
You could be born this way and, despite the sentence of departure, unleashing heart and intellect to change the screenplay and above all the final personal story.
You could win.
You could also unfortunately lose.
Getting to become at most just the same as someone else.
Of the different ones.

Alone among the equals.
In this way you could start traveling and climbing the social album, pyramidal road only to those who put colours and shapes before the precious, golden pot at the end of the colorful arc in the sky.
No neighbors-afraid has ever crossed to the secret and coveted goal.
You could save money, gifts and dreams.
You could exchange them all at once for the coveted mask that finally confuses you among the many.
You could even throw yourself into the desperate task of sewing it yourself, like a kind of invisibility tattoo.
Running the risk of earning at most a shred of resemblance with the much overvalued majority.
And become...

Alone among the similar.
You could start right here.
Maybe avoiding the stubborn, popular obsession with the common trait and trying not to ignore the congenital peculiarity.
The missing piece from the human mosaic, the only reason of birth, in fact.
But you could, as often happens, find yourself so unaccustomed to empathy for uniqueness, to not recognize it even by looking at it in the mirror.
Nonetheless, with the related dress and the compliant haircut, you could fool yourself into winning.
On the contrary, you could convince yourself that you have lost anyway.
The opportunity, every day that passes, to be less alone.
And more yourself...

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