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Stories with moral: Not for sale

Not for sale

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Once again in the future, maybe a not so far one...

Hello, I would like to fill it up.
A traveler?
Yes I am, sure.
First trip?
Yes right... how did you get it?
Your eyes.
What do you mean?
It's a classic, young friend, it's typical of you novices of global navigation to show that tender sparkle, still unremarkable.
Is it a bad thing?
No, not at all, don’t misunderstand me, it's just the way it is.
I see.
So, you said full, right?
And you want to go far, don’t you?
That's right... this is also typical?
Very typical.
And that’s the way it is.
Good, I see you’re smart.
Well, can we go?
Here I am: are you ready?
So, the western world is inhabited by honest and civil persons, fearful of the Lord and observing public morality. They are recognizable by a light skin, of delicate features, neat hair, as well as personal care and hygiene. They have common roots and traditions, sharing festivities and culture, moral principles and ethical values. They live in peace, in the tolerance of others lifestyle. Males respect women and would never dare to hurt them. The percentage of criminality among the citizens of this side of the planet is very low, tending to zero, and they’re inclined to help each other, showing solidarity towards the poorest and most unfortunate people. They also have high regard for the State and public places, they don’t dirty the streets and sidewalks, helping the old women to cross and when they walk with the dog they promptly collect the shi...
How does this thing go on?
Well, you asked to fill it up, right?
In fact.
I'll go on faster, okay?
Thank you.
As I said, in the Western world there is no religious fanaticism, not even terrorism and, above all, the natural family is the center of the community, where there is absolute love and mutual respect.
Where are we?
Half tank.
I see.
On the contrary, in the rest of the world there is darkness, people are brutal and dirty creatures, more similar to animals than humans. Their skin is generally not clear and clean like ours. Violence is innate in these creatures, as well as hatred and envy towards our customs and society, which they see only as a paradise to be burned. Indeed, they want to burn everything, so all becomes gray and black like their existence. They are born terrorists, they enjoy scaring others, they aspire to come to us, to live behind us, because they are chronic slackers. They consider women inferior to them, they feed on disgusting stuff and they are retrograde with ways of life from stone age, they don’t wash, they believe in so many gods, they want to invade us, kill the infidels, convert us to their pagan rites. About old women, they throw them under the trains and don’t use to walk with the dogs because they eat them.
Yes, you got your full, you’re ready to travel far and wide, my friend.
It’s so easy?
Sure, dear. Lies make the world go round, nowadays. The most absurd bullshits, the most exaggerated manipulations and exaggerations, this is the most popular fuel. It’s just the way…
It is, I understand, but, you know... I would like to go to a specific place, not turning around randomly.
I see, my friend, you’re one of those.
Those who expect to know where they are going. However, you could have told me right away, I wouldn’t have wasted breath.
Because if you want to go to a specific place, you came to the wrong one.
You see, what you need is not for sale, it was not yesterday and it won’t be tomorrow.
And what would it be?
The much abused and neglected truth...

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