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Animal extinction caused by humans WWF report 2018

Stories and News No. 1081

Due to global warming and the lack of environmental impact’s reduction by the most accountable countries, a recent report by WWF, University of East Anglia and James Cook University predicts catastrophic losses of 60% of plants and 50% of the animals by the end of the century.
I could write a fairy tale, as I have done in the past, but today I prefer to leave the word to an average citizen boasting his 'honesty'…

They insist with this stuff.
They do it cyclically and when you least expect it they stand up and point their fingers on us.
Do we want to be honest?
Let's say everything, then: how much do you think I care about the climate change?
That is, I'm interested, but I’m talking about how to dress before going to work, whether to take the car or not - which then means taking it anyway, because I have no desire to daily stress myself on those cattle wagons they call “public transport”. Indeed my job place is already oppressive and exhausting, if I have to get there in the morning already pissed off, and leave at the end of the day knowing that I’m going to face the same infernal crossing, I prefer to be at the wheel of my car, perhaps with the company of stereo and WhatsApp.

They still insist, however, because they say that climate is going crazy just because I take the car every day.
The answer is always the same, do we want to be honest?
Okay, I leave the car on dust and go on train.
What about the others?
What do you think others will do?
What good is it if the whole world continues to jump into traffic with at least two cars per family every day?
Why should I sacrifice myself when no one does it?
Because nobody does, this is the truth.
Anyway, they insist, they talk about animals and plants.
Which animals? I ask. Which plants?
Lions, tigers, elephants? Beetroot? Spinaches?
Why should I change my lifestyle, giving up the car and maybe stop keeping everything turned on at home, as computer, TV, air conditioning? Because pandas are dying?!
Well, the reasons are common and popular here too.
Let’s be honest, then.
First, who can prove me that what they are talking about is absolutely true? What evidence do I have that animals are dying because of me? Because some rich professor said so? And if the beasts were destined to disappear anyway, why do I have to ruin my life?
Second, if it were true, I repeat: what does it change if I only commit myself?
I have one life and that's it, I don’t care about the rest.
Who can judge me badly for that?
Yet they insist and try to use the children, calling up the human beings of the future, etcetera: look, if plants disappear, the earth overheats, the water will begin to lack everywhere, not only in poor countries, the seas level will rise, and other catastrophism like that.
Well, let's be honest again, okay?
First, I cannot care less about other children, everyone must think of their own. I ever gave food and a roof over their head to mine, as my parents did to myself. Indeed, I didn’t have all the stuff kids have today, like internet, cell phones, social networks, videogames and everything else. I already do a lot for their present, now I have to worry about their future too? Let them think about tomorrow. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to me that the generation that preceded mine has left a paradise in inheritance, between two world wars, slavery and genocide. I certainly cannot do worse than them.
Secondly, what I reiterated above is still valid: what is the use of that, if I am the only one to make sacrifices, such as quitting meat, if all the others continue undisturbed to make grills?
Certainly not to my children, let alone me. On the contrary, they would get themselves, unlike their peers, a
unhappier and angrier parent, that's all.
They insist, nevertheless, they insist, but if they had my honesty, they would look around and admit to live in the midst of a humanity made mostly by people who don’t look beyond their own backyard, who think only of their own interests and personal satisfaction. How can they expect them to change their minds fearing the disappearance of zebras and artichokes?!
I didn’t convince you?
You don’t agree, then?
Seriously, you don’t see things like me?
Do I look as a cynical selfish man?
Well, let's be honest.
What do you do differently every day? And how do you think to convince me in turn?

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