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Cambridge Analytica clients: Ignorance is bliss

Stories and News No. 1083

“You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? - Takes a bite of steak - Ignorance is bliss…”
Cypher, Matrix (1999)

Yes, now we know.
Now we know the hidden truth.
Today we find out that Cambridge Analytica sold user data to, politically and strategically shady third parties.
But let's face the truth, come on.
Do you really think is it the only company that has been guilty of such misdeeds?
Didn’t you understand that?
Have you never thought about it?
Come on…
Come on, let's be honest.
Don’t tell me you've never thought about it: these so-called free social networks, how do they live? You asked yourself, it's normal, but then you said: why stressing myself, when none of my virtual friends do it?

And virtual friendship is bliss.
When you saw polls growing in favor of Trump and at the same time, rigorously at the same time, intense spreading of likes on pages and profiles, sites and anything else in his support, don’t tell me that you have not joined the web’s dots.
Come on, let's be completely truthful.
How could such a guy become president of the most powerful country in the world, having against the opposing coalition and a consistency portion of his own party?
Thanks to the people?
Do you seriously believe that such resounding digital coup d'etat occurs thanks to the average persons, who are tired, cannot stand it anymore, are angry, nobody listens to them and other patented and sold stuff?
Come on, you've thought about it, admit it, because you know it's not a quite new trick, it's already happened: give a megaphone to a shrewd and unscrupulous dude, as the loudness is higher, as much he will create division between poor and poor.
And division is bliss.
While we're at it, do we want to empty the whole bag?
You lived the Brexit vote directly or you just followed it from afar, as a more or less interested observer.
Come on... now it's all on the table.
We need to be high-level analysts to understand that Europe’s exit of a key country as United Kingdom is a fact of crucial importance for all foreign nations, as well as multinationals and secret organizations of all kind?
On the other hand, whether you are a subject of the Queen, or not, the slightest mastering of an international topic involves unpopular fatigue.
And being popular is bliss.
I’m talking to you, friendly user - user friend of this great mother network.
You don’t need to know which client actually benefited from social manipulation by the current defendant.
You knew what would happen, to any modern election.
Because they had already been decided with numbers of followers and serial commentators, between a libelous hoax and a super shared video.
And being viral is bliss.
Come on, at least here, let's get out of the dark, there's always time to come back.
Do you need to read the mess-ups between Sarkozy and Libya to know that the problem of migrants to send their home is nothing more than a mirror for fools to gain power at our home?
You knew it well and you know it better today, but someone had to, indeed, have to pay.
And, from what world is the world, scapegoats are bliss.
So, you didn’t need to hear about Harvey Weinstein's scandal, to know what was happening - and it still happens, despite what they say - between powerful men and women. Nevertheless, it is well known: where the fact doesn't touch us personally, why meddle?
And individualism is bliss.
Yes, we knew everything, yesterday and even the day before.
TV used - and still does - the tastes of viewers to make commercials and commercials to condition tastes, ideas and also what emotion to feel, when and how.
The press never told in the past the undisputed truth that is so much regretted today.
The world governments have always hidden mountains of documents dirty of blood and corruption, until their inevitable declassification, which once only a few used to read, and now although they arrive on the front page, still a few read.
There have always been and there will ever be those who, as Matrix’s Cypher, prefer going back to not knowing, to continue enjoying the meal served from above, even if it’s fake.
Ignorance is bliss to them, and those who exploit the situation.
What yesterday, today and tomorrow will always be a priority.
It's freeing the others...

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