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Racism in Italy 2018: democracy’s story

Stories and News No. 1079

Once upon a time there was a country.
Indeed, there is, here and now.
A democratic one, until proven... or rather, killed otherwise.
In the democratic country, until murdered otherwise, a news like many says this: in
Idy Diene
Florence, Roberto Pirrone, a pensioner with economic difficulties, decides to take his life. He leaves home and change his mind, shooting Idy Diene, an immigrant from Nigeria
Above all, most of the press adds: racist motivations are excluded...
At the same time, election day finally arrived in the democratic country.
Frankly, all democracy that it has the courage to build around a single word.
Let's not joke, come on.
Rights and duties, perhaps?
Well, stop with bullshits.
The word was up until the elections eve, during the vote and also the day after always the same: immigrants.
Anyway, as I said, sooner or later the time of the ballot comes in democratic countries.
Well, to prepare for this fundamental event in Italy the political debate was entirely based on immigration topics.
That is, the new government will rise from 60.5 million people arguing about 8% of the population (immigrants in Italy).
Imagine two sides, from the right to the... well, let's say from the right to the rest, since I still didn’t understand where left might be…
This mad controversy around nothingness is the synthesis of the electoral campaigns that leads us to the following observations, which are based on numbers, that is, the indisputable and unendurable facts.
In our democratic country, among those entitled to vote (51 million citizens, 84% of 60.5 million people), 73% were present at the polls, about 37 million.
Adding the non-entitled ones (9.5 million, 16% of the total population), to those absent from the vote (14 million, 27%), the outcome of the consultations doesn’t necessarily represent the thought of a good 23.5 million, 39% of the total population, about 4 citizens out of 10.
At the same time, limiting ourselves to the votes for the Chamber of Deputies, the most assiduous dealers of lies and delusions about foreigners - also known as Center-Right, have earned 12,147.611 votes, which corresponds to 20% of the total population. Among them, the real engine of this legalized oxymoron called civil intolerance - but you may also say Northern League, has obtained 5,691,921 votes, a paltry 9% of the population...
So, we can say that 80% of the total population, about 50 million people, are not identified in the Center-Right, the coalition with the highest number of deputies.
That is, lying professionally around the misfortunes of the scapegoat of the third millennium, gives you the maximum support of 2 people out of 10. And maybe, this infamous couple is composed of one that tells bales to the other and vice versa.
The Five Star Movement took home 6,697,994 votes, 18% of the total population.
In other words, the overwhelming majority of italians, 72%, is not part of the self-proclaimed party of citizens, or 7 out of 10 people.
Finally, here we are at the left-hand side of the parliament, the self-designated losers.
The so-called Center-Left had 7,502,056 votes, corresponding to 12% of the total population.
Then, 88% of the total population doesn’t believe in the alleged alternative to the right, almost 9 out of 10.
Once upon a time, therefore, there was a proportionally democratic country.
That is, in proportion to how many votes you can earn by telling lies about the poor who have knocked on our door.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m now speaking to those outside who don’t feel represented by this minority of bad actors, who are not even able to really win, when the opponent is not there, since he’s not opponent at all.
Are immigrants the topic we really want to start from?
Well, there's only one way to get the primal scene back.
Let's start from the truth, no matter how inconvenient or unpopular it might seem.
As much as it hurts us to listen.
First, we are a racist, ignorant and individualist country, before being democratic.
Secondly, people who come to Italy, mostly to survive a life of poverty and suffering, represent an insignificant number, compared to reality.
Third, they are not a problem, we are, or we have lots of them.
Are we sure that saying the truth could be worse?

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