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Short story about social network


Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Hi, I would like to subscribe to this new social network. Because it's new, right?
Of course, very true.
What's its name?
Social? Just... social?
Only social. Without only, social, period. Without period. Do you like?
I don’t know, can you tell me more?
Yup, you see, once you have registered, you will have the chance to choose a nickname for the profile, you can upload an image as avatar and you can post phrases, images, and even videos on your personal page! Do you like?
But it's not so original... don’t you offer something innovative?
Are you kidding? First of all, we’re the first to make available to users an entirely experimental function, which will be the best of third millennium.
Would it be?
Hypnotic characters.
Hypnotic characters, young man. Nicknames, status shares, any kind of posts, the words typed with the aforementioned letters guarantee the total encumbrance of the readers. They won’t be able to avoid sharing anything they just read. Do you like?
It's not bad, but I'm not particularly keen on the virality of what I think...
I understand, I see you. Are you single?
Yes, why?
Well, let me reveal another gem of our platform. Regarding the avatar, as a member you will immediately activate the love virus option.
What is it about?
A targeted seduction algorithm, which allows you to modify your personal photo depending on the prey.
Yes, the person you want to conquer, if you prefer.
I prefer, excuse me, prey remembers me of a hunter, or worse.
Of course, I agree, I'm like you, old-fashioned.
Actually, I'm sixteen...
Me too! I’m joking... anyway, once the beloved person is put on the system, the software creates a photograph that is able to make her fall in love. Do you like?
I'm not one of those who goes on the internet to pick up...
Of course, I realize, but we have thought about all the kinds. That's why with sincere pride I I'm going to illustrate our flagship.
What's this?
I'll explain it right away. You know well that the old social networks are full of fake profiles, which in turn manage thousands of fake users, and sell them to the highest bidder. As a result, we have got lots of groups and pages full of non-existent followers, but they obtain popularity and even authority. Well, we are beyond that, because we are true, not fake.
Can you explain?
We are serious, my friend! Just apply the pro package by paying a modest monthly amount, and put the tick on the adoring crowd function.
What is it?
An extraordinary stuff. Wherever you’ll go, whatever you’ll do, everything you’ll say, good or bad, we'll pop out to applaud and cheer, chanting you name as a stadium choruses. Live! You know, today the most popular use of such a resounding gratification is inside the bedroom, before and after. It seems to be useful for the precocity of... well, you’ve understood. Do you like?
Your social network is new, you’ve convinced me, I really think I’m going to sign up.
Do you like it?
The social... do you like it?
Dude, why do you keep asking me that?
Because about this we’re not different from others social networks, since our investors only care if you say…
I like, or not.

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