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Stories about diversity in the school

I am human

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

In a far, indefinite future...

"Hello, we have a newcomer in the classroom," the intergalactic school teacher announces. "Say hello to your schoolmate."
"Hello," they do in their respective voices, cries or anything else could be used to give voice to the thought in the entire universe.
"Present yourself to the classroom", the alien teacher urges him. She is in particular focused in interspecies cohabitation, in the sense of species, but also special.
Because a healthy cohabitation is always extraordinary.
The new one clears his voice, and introduces himself as follows: "Hi, I come from the planet earth."
"Yes," the professor says, "go ahead, tell us more about you, because we all come from somewhere, but this is not the essential thing, now."
"Yes", he admits, as if he really understood.
Then, he looks around a bit, observes other students and continues: "I said, I come from the planet earth and I have got a very clear skin. That is, it turns on pink, sometimes, or even yellowish, where I am a little bit constipated. When I go to the beach, yes, when I tan, I mean, it’s reddened. But it happens also when I’m victim of particular embarrassment..."
"We see that, we're not blind", says a schoolmate in the next row. "On the other hand, I am scaled, with shades of green and blue, and when I get angry, lots of flowers come out on my as..."
"Calm down", the teacher intervenes, "let's give our new friend enough time to understand where he is. Please, tell us about yourself, don’t be shy. "
"Yes, of course", he says, "but as I said, I come from the planet earth, I have a clear skin, and then, what else... ah, yes, I have hair, which is blond, I like short, lately, but as a kid I preferred longer..."
"Who cares?" says someone from behind. "I've got a jellyfish on my head that tells me jokes when I’m a bit sad, but I don’t go around boasting myself about that... "
"Silence back there", the professor scolds him. "However, dear inhabitant of the earth, the point remains. You should work harder in making us understand who you are..."
"Fine, I understood, but the point, as you say, is just that. I am a terrestrial, so I have clear skin, blond hair and... yes! I have blue eyes, like that actor... you know him? Well, no, of course not..."
"Listen", says a female schoolmate at the first desk, turning around, making scare the new student. "As you see, I have fifty-six eyes on the right and fifty-seven on the left, colours of the pupils at random and eyelids that lower and rise at the rhythm of samba. Making the right counts, you’ll understand that I am slightly cross-eyed, but on my planet is everybody nature, then, what are we talking about? "
"Yes right, terrestrial," the teacher says, "you should tell us something important about you once and for all."
The newcomer thinks about it, and then, turns on his face, as if he had finally illuminated what he thought somebody had taken away.
"I would be... that is, I am, in the sense that I am, a human being."
"Human", emphasizes the prof. "Well, indeed, very well."
Let's start from here…