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Trump Kim Jong Un meeting May 2018: the story

Stories and News No. 1080

It seems that Donald Trump has agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before May. The news comes from a South Korean official after a meeting in the White House. It would be the first time that a current president of the United States will meet the leader of North Korea.

Once upon a time there was a populist and a dictator.
The populist said: “Listen, you won’t believe it, but I am the leader of my country.”
“Really?” Said the dictator. “Me too!”
“Yes, all right, but you can’t imagine how I became head of the nation.”
“Tell me”, replied the dictator, “but hurry up, I have to go and get other laws done to increase my power.”
“Me too!” The populist exclaimed. “Anyway, I was talking about how I became the leader. So, first, I asked myself: who are my potential voters?”
“I call them subjects.”

“The citizens, I called them subjects of my dominion.”
“Me too! But not on live microphones, obviously. What matters most, however, is that I asked myself the aforementioned question and so I answered: my potential voters are all, because I have to talk to everyone, and then I have to use very simple words, that anyone may understand.“
“No understand, obey. I prefer it. “
“Yes, of course, I agree!”
“Was that enough?”
“No, it was the first step. Secondly, once I saw that I have to talk to everyone and I have to use very simple words, I asked myself: what should I say to them?“
“What did you understand?”
“I saw that I should put people one against each other and, above all, foment their most obtuse fears.”
“Come on... I just think of that all the time, imagine if I don’t tell it my citizens. And then?”
“Then, here’s the third point, a fundamental one.”
“Once elected, I must understand better who my enemies are.”
“It's easy for me, I'm a dictator, so my enemies are the Democrats.”
“In theory they should be mine too, but the truth is...”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you know, things are a bit more confusing, in my country so I rely on the facts.”
“What facts?”
“My enemies are those and only those who really make life difficult to me.”
“And once identified?”
“Here it’s simple: I do everything, but really everything, to convince them of being alone. They must not have to know if there are any and those who think the same way. They don’t have to look at each other and especially get counted. “
“I have an infallible method.”
“What would it be?”
“I close them in an isolation cell, unless I delete them permanently. How can’t imagine how might they look and count, then. I think we're not that far away.“
“Are you kidding? I’m a populist, but still the head of a great republic, inhabited by citizens with freedom of speech and thought. “
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that my people must continue to believe that you are totally different from me.”
“Because it's the concept behind the power of a populist.”
“What concept?”
“That the bad guys are always the others, and we’re the only good ones.”
“Well, buddy, you have no idea how much this makes us even more alike...”

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