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Time for excuses

Stories and News No. 1090

Once upon a time there was the time for excuses.
"We are truly sorry", said the members of the Basque terrorist group ETA, responsible for the killing of over 800 people during forty years of armed campaign, publicly apologizing for the suffering caused and asking for the forgiveness of the victims and their families.
Imagine that it is the time, now.
Close your eyes with me, and let's see together before the day of all excuses, but really all, gathered in a colossal chain reaction of conscience, albeit belated, but very necessary.
Make the vacant spaces of the incomplete memory shine for good, because the list will be long.

United States will stand up and with the head bowed will apologize for slavery, of course, the oil-wars disguised as peaceful trips, obviously, putsches disguised as revolutions and revolutions hit even before being born from the random puppet president. However, more than anything else, they will beg forgiveness from them, the native souls, those exterminated by first, the true Americans, who were not Americans at all, and that was perhaps the beginning of their misfortune.
A the same time, the long-standing rival, the great mother Russia, will rise straight, and with sincere repentance they will apologize for the gulags, of course, but it would be evident, because in practice they will have to respond more or less about the same sins of the historical enemy, between all the sacrifice of human rights and the systematic annihilation of the off-key voices among the natives.
Because power is a very predictable skyscraper, the peregrine falcon used to say, enjoying a privileged view on human affairs. The more you climb to the top, the more rooms and occupants look alike.
Nevertheless, it would be rather simplistic if the dance stopped here, with the usual suspects.
In fact, the unavoidable third one to apologize, will be the United Kingdom, and even here, be patient, because it won’t be short, despite the benevolent aid of the synthesis in the words so far dedicated.
Sorry for India and Africa, Asia and Oceania, the British guys will say, sorry for the slaves, because we too are guilty for that, but mainly sorry for the colonies... and although we should open here an infinite parenthesis of massacres and torments, we pass over and we hope for your mercy for all the conflicts provoked and in time fed.
Among other things, together with our colleagues, we take this opportunity to promise you to stop once and for all with war movies, especially the patriotic and heroic ones.
Sorry about that…
Sorry for not only bringing death and destruction into the lives of others, but also showing the ignoble brazenness of telling the posterity that we were the good guys.
Following this unexpected, extraordinary example, France and Spain, Germany and, among the many, Italy as well, will go on.
Because if there's one thing we all have always done, it's not just getting on the winner's wagon, but on the bigger one, wherever it was headed.
Here it is, therefore, the apologies procession.
The moment when they will all come down on earth, trying to get some grace from the latter.
Well, if this mirage was tangible, you should find a comfortable seat, because it would be a show that would go on until the end of time...

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