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Avatar for everything

Avatar for everything

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Once again, in a possible future...

We are at a shop counter of the most popular store inside the Web Virtual Supermarket Discount or whatever its name is. Sorry, but scrutinizing the horizon puts a strain on the heart and eyes with the same virulence.
The customer is one of the precious ones, very loyal to the buying and ready to be drained by the savvy seller.
"Good morning, miss," he says. "I would like some information about your products."
"Tell me more," the attractive hologram in the form of a shop assistant replies.
"In particular, I'm interested in the face..."
"Of course, sir, I see we go on vintage."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, the face avatar is primordial stuff, here."
"Yes, I see. So, do you have anything for me? "
"I do have everything for you," the ephemeral interlocutor answers persuasively. "I can offer you any face, from the most fascinating actor to the charming singer, passing through the model with a magnetic look."
"Really? Could I have a mix of all these? "
"Obviously. I wrap it? "
"Yes, yes, do it."
So, the man goes floating at least ten bits from the ground for joy.
The following day he is back at the counter.
"Good morning, sir, all right with the product?"
"All right, yes, nonetheless, here... there's a problem... but it's not your fault. In short, the star's face works, but jars with the voice, do you understand me? "
"More than anything, I hear it."
"Excuse me, I don’t want to offend, but you speak as if someone were squeezing your..."
"No, you’re right, as a child I was very teased, you don’t know how much. Anyway, can you help me?"
"I'm made to help you," she says with shining eyes for the high resolution on time. "Do you prefer the warm voice of a theatrical actor, the Greek speaker in full orgasmic monologue, or that of the strong commander speaking to his armies before the final battle?"
"I don’t know…"
"Do we make a mix again? Do I wrap it? "
"Okay, I take it."
He comes out further satisfied for the upgrade of its disappointing identity.
Nonetheless, the next day he’s still at the store.
"Miss, good morning."
"Hello, what brings you back?"
"Forgive me, it will seem strange..."
"Far from it, sir. Open up with me, please, I'm made to understand your needs."
"Well, the voice matches perfectly with the face, but the body... no, I mean, did you see me?"
"Yes, and I'm still laughing."
"Excuse me?!"
"No, I'm sorry, but do you want me to tell you lies?"
"No, of course..."
"So, I cannot help but notice that ridiculous fat belly of yours, compared to the perfect face and the incredibly sexy talk. In fact, you know what's up? It’s more evident, now…"
"Yes... can you fix it?"
"Of course, sir. Look, since we are here, do we want to give a total update to everything?"
"Yes, the whole body, the complete package and stop thinking about it anymore."
"Can you?"
"Here you can have everything, as I told you the first day you came. What do I do? Do I wrap it all? "
"Fine, do it."
The guy greets the young lady convinced of finally starting the life he has always dreamed of.
Despite this, the following day he appears at the counter.
"Good morning, sir, how are you?"
Although endowed with an image worthy of any cover, he has a disquieting expression, overwhelmed by anguish and terror.
"Miss, help me!"
"Tell me, I'm here for that."
"Nobody recognizes me anymore, at work or at home... my wife has changed the lock, she thinks I’m a thief and my son... the other day they didn’t let me take him at school, I said I’m his father, but they didn’t recognize me... that’s right, I'm cool, now..."
"I understand, sir."
"Well, then, if you don’t mind, I would like to return the goods."
"It's not possible, sir."
"Because now the products have been purchased."
"Purchased? You never asked for money, miss... I want my real life back... "
"Really, sir?"
What do you think you've paid with, so far?