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Missing children found years later story

Stories and News No. 1085

Once upon a time the human journey.
You can call it dance, if you prefer to hover between seconds.
The climb, when the cruel destiny’s face has chosen you as an example.
Quite the contrary, if the soft side has been given to you. In that case, don’t waste it, dear privileged soul.
Nonetheless, the key to the melody that we all support it's the same: I lose you, I find you.
Just as it happened twenty-four years ago, to Wang Mingqing and his wife Liu Dengying.
The two used to work as greengrocers in the streets of Chengdu and, like many far from being lucky, were forced to bring with them their daughter Qifeng, only three years old.
Wang left the girl child briefly alone to go to a next door shop and get the change for a client.
When he returned, the headlines of the terrible nightmare movie began to flow on the screen: the daughter was gone.
In other words, I lose you, Qifeng.
We lose you, lovely daughter.
The certainty of the worst page in a living story, with the words written at the bottom of a horrendous chapter, with ink colored of weakly hope: we’ll found you.
Thus, according to a tragically obvious script, the parents undertook a desperate search that has never stopped until today.

After the tragic fact, Wang bought a taxi and began patrolling the city of fourteen million people during work hours.
He put a flyer on the car window, after printing business cards with his daughter's information, telling each passenger what had happened.
I lost her, we lost her, and the most horrendous meaning, that is, she has lost us.
Here it is the unacceptable sharing that binds us all along.
The emptiness, not the fullness.
The eager hands, never the full pockets.
Desire, fervent dream, irrepressible aspiration, everything but the vault full of vanity of the richest people.
I find you, the little Qifeng heard from far away, more than twenty years ago.
We find you, a man and a woman murmured closely, as many open brackets on the missing present.
We find those who have been lost, the adoptive parents of Qifeng said, who is now nearly thirty years old and lives thousands of miles away from her hometown in the northern province of Jilin.
Once she learned their sad past by the two, the girl began to live curious about who their biological mother and father were.
I lost, who lost me, in short.
It took two decades for the step to be complete.
You could name it the leap backwards, for the professional turnovers.
The utopia that becomes tangible, due to the fortunate exceptions on the common narration.
Here we are at the sad story that shows the miracle of the sun in the storm.
I find you, her father whispered with difficulty, overwhelmed by tears.
We find you again, thought with no less emotion her mother, won by weeping.
I find you, that you find me, the sense of everything.

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