Thursday, April 26, 2018

The creature

The creature

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

"A terrible feeling, you have no idea, believe me..."
"Sure... tell me everything, Peter."
"I’ll try…
"The thing... I suddenly realize the thing.
"It’s inside of me.
"It’s alive, it moves and thinks.
"At that moment I understand that it's not a thing...
"It's a creature, an alien that lives in me, like that sci-fi movie.
"But we’re not in a movie, I don’t live in a movie.
"I am a person like many, a common guy, of flesh and blood, who may get hurt, who can die.
"Someone who has to worry about himself, because life is already hard on its own, it pushes you to protect you, makes you selfish, because you have to survive.
"Because I want to survive.
"However, at that very moment I could not think of it anymore...
"I felt incredibly weak and helpless, fragile beyond any possibilities, like the most thin tissue paper at the mercy of the most innocuous waste.
"Fear has further taken possession of myself, aware that at that instant of maximum vulnerability the creature has manifested itself inside my body.
"In the juncture where I needed the most of my strength.
"Then, with a breath of pride, I tried to exhort every muscle, each nerve, and all the organs to make one in order to face my existence’s invader.
"The effort was in vain and it’s at that point that my anguish has reached unimaginable heights.
"The creature seemed to take advantage of my incoming energy.
"As if it benefited from every attempt of mine to resist.
"As if it were completely the my body’s owner.
"I wanted to hate it with all of myself, but I couldn’t do it, noting that every feeling that might somehow reject it was banished.
"In my life I have had lots of experiences, I have overcome difficulties and sufferings, I have grown in many ways and I have learned a lot.
"I have read much and traveled far and wide.
"I consider myself a conscious and strong adult.
"Nevertheless, nothing I had from mine had prepared me for such a panic.
"It's not human, all of this, I told myself.
"This is supernatural stuff, I thought.
"There is only room for me in there, I screamed at the creature.
"Come out, please, I even got to beg it.
"And then…"
"And then you woke up."
"Yes, Cindy. Then I woke up. What a nightmare. It was horrible, you have no idea what I felt... "
"Sure, honey…"
"I think it's time..."
"Really, take the car, and bring me to become a mother."
Of our creature...

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