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Story about social media: Close everything

Close everything

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Somewhere, that is, in many homes of the socialized, modern world...


Here I come, Mary, what’s up?
What’s up?! I didn’t hear you shutting the door, honey...
Of course, yes, close it, hurry up, the sun got out a long time ago!
You're right, I'm going.
I said what!
I see, but come here, please. Do we have to talk from one room to another? You want strangers to hear us?
Right, I'm sorry, I'm coming. So, what is it?
Did you close the door?
What about the bolt? And the alarm?
Oops... you're right...
Tom... do you want thieves to enter the house? These days, at this hour, who knows who’ll be out there... close everything!
Yes, my love, luckily you’re there.
No, luckily we have an alarm and impact-proof glass.
Also, love, but you are the best.
What's up now?
What’s this air?
Well... I think it's the window in the kitchen...
It's open?!
Yes, you did it when we finished dinner. For the fried, you said...
Of course I said it, but it was half an hour ago, I told you that night has come!
All right, but could not you do it?
I just turned on the laptop...
Of course, I’ll do it.
Go, close, close for good, and pull the damper down, right to the bottom.
Because there's a new neighbor, that's why, right in front of us, a guy with a dark beard and a dark face too.
Seriously, close everything.
I run.
And... Tom?
Please, go to see the baby, check if his window is well closed too.
Of course, I go.
I'm here, Mary, what's up?
Did you close everything?
Yes I did.
Door and windows?
Dampers? You know that when it gets dark, we cannot see anything anymore, with those people around...
All dropped, closed and locked.
Perfect, now that we’re safe from strangers, tell me where is our picture’s son, the one we did at his first bath in the tub. I want to upload it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with all those from birth up to six years old...