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USA vs Russia’s fairy tale

Stories and News No. 1087

Once upon a time there was a fairy tale.
Indeed, once upon a time there was a repeated story over time, with different settings and customs, but immutable morals.
In the middle, the protagonists, who faded and merged from one side of the contest to the other one.
Because without conflict, there is no storytelling.
The knights in the field were two, as the simplest narration requires.
USA and Russia, yes it is.
Both the adversaries showed without surprise the most trite and rough attitudes worthy of the worst bully affected by inflated testosterone.
In the rhetorical game of roles, USA was the savior and Russia the aggressor, the former the powerful ally and the latter the others friend, and then add also West and East, We and Them, and other semantical tricks to fill eyes and ears, generation after generation, of apparently impotent readers.
The fable was ever told from parents to children, as if it were inevitable, as if it were the world’s story itself, as if the world wrote it on its own.
As if, in short, none of the actors were accountable for the monotonous plot.
Among the most paradoxical of the spectators there was juxtaposed the most elderly portion, able
to incessantly swallow this affair without discussing, despite perfectly knowing each  conscious typing error, any instrumental abuse of the adjectives in favour of an interpretation against the other and vice versa. Although, above all, they had seen the ending and the bitter consequences of the tale an incredible amount of times.
It could have been easy to discover the cards and notice the unexpected scenography behind the even less credible characters, although they were made up according to the fashion of the time.
It could have been easy to extract synopsis of the best-selling story to the accomplice humanity.
It could have been easy to start and finish it.
In fact, without bragging about the qualities of synthesis, here is the childish subject in a strophe, or a little more: a cruel sovereign, with the help of Russia, exterminated the rebels, but USA intervened and defeated the bad villain.
Again and again.
And yet.
Rewriting the identical farce on the same page, until it was consumed.
If you think about it, it would be impossible to fall in such a paradoxical loop in everyone's daily life,
because sooner or later, once you reach the age of reason, you would look for the motivations of your choices and those of others, making disenchantment your primary lens.
However, with fairy tales… well, with fairy tales it's totally different.
You believe them and you would never change them, because they reassure you and help you sleep fine.
Because they put things right and the current morals are respected.
USA against Russia, Russia against USA, and further peoples, fortunately far away from us, along with as many casualties, are promptly sacrificed to the altar of the ritual clash.
So that tomorrow we can start all over again with the usual fairy tale of the two enemies...

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