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Why are there chemical weapons in Syria?

Stories and News No. 1089

The screams, yes.
Those on air, a fraction of a second after hell from heaven fell on hell on earth.
The screams, yes right.
Those later, on resentful or conspiracy, anti or simply still capable of feeling human pages.
Those are all finely heard.
Then again explosions, and other cries, of proud pain or just fear of being lucky, for now.
This time.

Nevertheless, the crucial question arises over in the dust that slowly thins out.
You cannot die forever and the time comes that you can finally ask: why?
It’s enough the appearance of the precious question to displace the protagonists and reporters of the same level, did you see?
However, the grammar of the civil war - but you may also read eternal, provides for a small number of queries, and very rarely there is one among them that debuts in such an inescapable manner.
Why, yes right again.
But you dare and give an objective complement to the aforementioned interpellation: why are there chemical weapons?
You could also stop here, without any spatial coordinates, therefore temporal, and you would still be dangerously off topic.
The antivirus responsible for the control of public discussion would immediately intervene to face this naive mispronunciation.
Exactly, because this would be the instrumental fault to reject the extraneous doubt.
The much exploited childish candor, unsuited to deal with the complexity of the global tangle of interests and power.
Otherwise, by facilitating the immature objection, you may find yourself in highly prohibited areas by government syntax.
Asking who manufactures chemical weapons and who finances them, who sells them and who protects their trade, who legislates in favour or just abstains hand and conscience.
This would lead to an unacceptable scenario for regime screenwriters.
The one based on the idea that things are much easier to understand than they seem.
From the beginning of the world, this is the most feared event by the defenders of pyramidal architecture, other than revolution and resistance.
That is, everyone is able to understand everything, in the first place what decides the common horizon.
Nonetheless, you write the question down and start to read it.
In your mind too, if you don’t want to be heard.
Even a piece at a time, if you wish to avoid suspicions into the professional senders to sleep.
Why are there chemical weapons?
Why are there chemical weapons in Syria?

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