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Canticle of the Immigrant Creatures

Stories and News No. 1098

According to a grotesquely contingency the most intolerant governments on the issue of immigration used to declare themselves as the most religious ones, including the nascent Italian administration and its possible prime minister.
A few days ago, I entered the Sanctuary of Rivotorto, in Umbria, and inside the so-called Hovel of Saint Francis of Assisi, despite knowing it, I found myself reading again the Canticle of the Creatures, but with my present eyes.
I am not a believer, I say it immediately, but those words seemed to me further holy, when adapted to the need of many, that is, too many systematically forgotten human beings...

Be praised, my Lord, and likewise all human creatures, especially the stranger, who is our brother in the light of the day as the night, and through him you may enrich us. So, he is precious and bearer of a great gift: it symbolizes the value of not being the only favorites of an extraordinarily unjust father.

Praised be You, my Lord, for the immigrant sisters and their daughters: on our shores you have led them, hopefully and admirably brave.

Praised be You, my Lord, for the one who is not yet born, but the fool calls him a clandestine, and for the present and the future too; the sad and the serene one, and every horizon that will not take place without his contribution.

Praised be You, my Lord, for the mother of that child, since that wonderful woman is all she has overcome to have him, in short, she is everything.

Forgiven be You, this time, my Lord, for the refugee brother who disappeared among the waves, through which you would have given further light at night. Maybe he would have been nice, maybe playful, strong, or maybe not, but surely, he would have been happy to be alive.

Praised be You, my Lord, for our sister and mother earth, which all of us should give nourishment and maintenance to: producing different fruits, with flowers and grass as colorful as the creatures which they belong to.

Praised be You, my Lord, for the millions of migrants, who may not even be able to forgive you in the name of your love, but nevertheless they endure sickness and suffering.

Fortunate those among them who will tolerate that serenely, if alive they will be rewarded for their patience.

Praised be You, my Lord, for those among ill-treated travelers you have saved from death, since no human being can escape it, but woe to those petty ones who will take advantage from other sad fate.

Grateful will be those who will find it after having brought their children to safety. Their premature death will harm them less.

If you really have to, praise and bless the Lord, thank him as well, serve him with great humility and, above all, consistency for these listed reasons too.

Because if he is a different Lord, the one you pray, and you don’t agree on them, then it means that there is something incredibly wrong in heaven and the species that claim to have been created in its image and likeness...

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