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When kangaroos get mad

Stories and News No. 1092

It’s an inevitable phenomenon as not negligible, being angry, you know? Like glaciation and sunset, it concerns everyone, human beings and us, living creatures and each underrated fragment of mother earth, which hosts and tolerates everything.
Nevertheless, there is a congenital limit, a boiling point for an iron patience too.
Indeed, don’t say that we - ambiguously called beasts, have not had any so far.
It was often confused by trivial submissiveness, as it happens to our common propensity to respect the natural constitution’s harmony.

A perfect source code which, until proven otherwise, you are also a part of.
We don’t hide behind a claw, here and now, and we do confess to begin having serious doubts about it.
We haven't yet made public claims, because it would be nothing but a resounding assistance to those conspiracy theorists of the hamsters, who are among the most fervent supporters of the sadist biped’s alien origins.
That's right, they used to call you like that, but try to understand. After whole generations in those damned cages running on the wheel, the resentment grows with every turn of the latter.
Nonetheless, we have so far followed the rules suggested by his majesty the instinct, accepting every habit of your crazy, humanizing crusade of the living realm.
If this is what nature asks, we entrust ourselves to it with devotion, we said, before suffering your dedication in transforming the planet into your image and likeness.
How much we changed, until today.
To be like you, you made us fight each other without a valid reason. And you forced us to migrate from our original land against our own will, but you may also read escape.
You taught us to no longer trust the consistency of sun and rain, wind and cold. And you introduced us to the paradoxical solitude in the middle of the herd.
You got us used to living in captivity. And you gave us the fear of getting rid of it.
You pushed us to be wary of the other species, not just yours. And you have led us to forget that once there were many more.
You have also made us adapt to evil, not just to nature itself. And you have convinced us that there is no difference between the two.
You have made us consider water no longer as a gift, but as a good to defend. And soon we’ll do the same with air too.
The earth and all we share.
To no longer be like us.
Despite this, due to bad luck or good fortune, there is a breaking point for everyone.
There is no doubt that you are making us more like you than we have ever been, but it was only a matter of time, after having even made us eat your garbage, that some of us got angry and kicked you out…

The kangaroos have kicked and injured body and face with claws the tourists who use to feed the animals with inappropriate food, such as chips and McDonald’s leftovers (New South Wales, Australia)
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