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Beyond the limits of world’s madness

Stories and News No. 1095

Dear Earth, here is Jalousie, Haitian slums.
Beyond the boundaries of world’s madness, we live by vocation, we survive by necessity.
We write true stories, for the sake of those waiting for us, outside the horizon that will have the good luck to see the new dawn.

After the earthquake, after the evil face that the cruel dice called fate showed us, we are here, together.
So, while in your countries your governments cannot even agree on the power gained over hatred and lies, we try to learn how to change the game’s rules.
When it will happen, because it will do, don’t thank us.
Help us now.
We are eighty thousand, in crumbling and fragile houses that are hardly held up, a bit like the
empathy that still binds you each other.
The hygiene of places intended for living is lacking, and rivers of plastic indifferently flow, accompanying our going as if it were normal.
The rooms are emptied of everything except hope.
Yet, despite your latitudes you feel helpless in the face of yet another aggravation of the conflict between the usual enemies, in turn maneuvered as eternal puppets by the infamous oil-eater monster, we dance, yes, we dance on the nothing.
Which, paradoxically, not always, but at least for a day, becomes better than everything.
Nevertheless, don’t believe conquering the next day will be easy.
We don’t profit on falsehoods.
Time for the truth of things is as precious as water, here.
That's why even today we cannot understand how you don’t see that the weight we choose to wear on the head, neglecting hairstyles and futile thoughts, is at risk everywhere.
Nobody should feel quenched indefinitely.
Nevertheless, while in the most pleasant side of the picture you daily throw yourself into the fray, hoping to reach the five seconds of virality, by forcing an incessant uploading of your most personal intimacy, we choose instead to take only the essential burden.
That is, indeed always, every sacrosanct instant of our existence, absolutely all.
Then night falls, and with it the natural consequence, its majesty, the darkness, a truly
fickle sovereign, which, every time he likes, forces us to make use of the most cheapest fuel cheap on the market, to make us light.
Read it also how the burning desire to see each other, at the end of another journey together. And though beyond the walls raised to protect your safety, you feel every sunset more in danger, we fill our hearts with joy before a light bulb that does only its duty.
So, in the silence that gradually becomes master of the rest’s time, we can finally understand that we are not only shadows and extras, on this absurd planet.
And unless you choose it voluntarily.
None of us ever is.

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